DLC Locked / Unable to Access Store - Master Thread


Hi all!

There have been quite a few reports of DLC becoming locked and the store being inaccessible (frequently at the same time).

Linked below are some example threads:

Here’s where you come in:

We’re currently trying to get to the root of this issue, but we’re going to need some details from affected counts to get to the bottom of it.

If you are affected please list the following information:

  • Platform (PC/XBox One/PS4)

  • Gamer Tag (Steam ID, XB Live Name, PSN Name)

  • Which issues you’re experiencing (No DLC, No Store, Both)

Please list only this information on this thread.

Replies that are do not contain the above info will be flagged as off topic and removed.

Thanks for your help! Hopefully we’ll have an update on this issue soon. I’ll keep you posted with any new info I get.


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Platform: PC

Gamer Tag: steamcommunity.com/id/breezyplease

***Issue(s)***: No DLC & No Store (reoccuring)


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Platform: PC

Gamer ID: si1entx@yahoo.com

Issue’s: at about 6:30 or 7 PST I could not use any tier3, or tier4 monster in a custom match single or multiplayer. For wraith it showed that I need to master Kraken first, and then it said I need to purchase behemoth and Gorgon but I already bought them. I chose goliath and I was able to see my skins which were correct…

The issue seemed to correct itself within 10 minutes.


Steam PCMR pre-order buyer.

ID: Peggy

Store and DLC not available on first game.

Explanation: I click Multiplayer, then back out and go solo. Only non-core thing I can play is Meteor Goliath. Everything else is locked.

After I play a single solo custom game, all my DLC and skins (plus Rogue Val) are available.

This has been going on for about two weeks now.


That’s right, I should add that mine also only started working after I played a solo custom match as well, because that’s the next thing I did and after that it worked. My issue posted is listed above


platform: PC
gamer tag: http://steamcommunity.com/id/raczagazela/
issues: no DLC & no store, game freezes upon exit


Platform: PC
Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:109627018
Issues: Both, and when I try to exit it freezes
Extra info: For some reason sometimes if I play a normal game with the default monsters all of my stuff gets unlocked when I exit or complete the match. But when I exit the game and relaunch it, The dlc is locked again.


Yes, forgot to add, when this started two weeks ago, every time I exit the game, it freezes and I have to end task.


Platform: PC

Sometimes there’s no DLC, sometimes there’s no Store. It varies greatly from time to time. Recently the store was working again after a really, really long loading time; that’s when I managed to finally buy the Scarlet Skin for Gorgon. Yesterday I was playing and my DLC was locked again however. Played a match, and it got resolved by itself somehow.


PC Steam ID: scottyo1337 No DLC or store. Good luck on finding the problem :slight_smile:


On PC. Steam ID: YoYomahh. Can’t access all DLC and the store.


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Platform: PC
Steam Tag: Meridian
Steam-ID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/dmarkv/

Issue: No Store access and DLC Lock - Sometimes, and sometimes does not unlock via different community suggested methods. Haven’t found a way to make the store accessible even when the DLCs work.

Detailed Info: No DLC issues the day of this post, but 4 days prior I usually couldn’t access DLCs except for the Skins. It would show the monster/hunter locked with the skin on that I last played it with and other hunters had all their skins unlocked.

EDIT: DLCs locked including all skins now. So it starts to grant access then it doesn’t? Sometimes its none, some and all. Best of luck on finding a solution :+1:


Platform: PC

Gamer Tag: http://steamcommunity.com/id/notoeintia/

Issue(s): No DLC, Store and game crash after hitting exit button ( i have to close it by ctrl+alt+delete)


  • if i want to unlock DLC i have to play a one match up solo or multiplayer,
  • if i want to get acces to store i have to open it and wait 20min (i wasn’t trying to buy so i don’t know is it possible) after this i loose all the challange skin and other stuff which i bought in store like phoenix bundle or skins for monsters,
  • the crash after hitting exit in main menu still appear so i have to close it by ctrl+alt+delete

  • Platform = PC
  • Steam ID = Korvun
  • Problem = Both


Platform: PC
Gamer Tag; http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198033997724
issues: no DLC & no store, game freezes upon exit


Hey fellow PC users, by chance are you running a 970? Or a 980?