DLC locked+Rank change


Ok so today I opened the game to find that the variations, Gorgon, Kala, and Emet were all locked. I tried restarting my PS4 to see if that fixed it, but it didn’t. And went I go to Global under Profile, it says I’m a Bronze Skilled Monster! But I’m a Bronze Destroyer, with 143 points! And last night, when I inserted the game disc, it said Corrupted Data! Can someone please help me?


Reorganize this under bugs?


@LadieAuPair Would be the person to help with ladder/rank issues.
Other then that, the rest could be connection problems. I’m unsure. Best of luck


Delete and reinstall your game. If that doesn’t work get back to me. I had this happen once and doing that resolved the problem.


@SnakeSound222, when you open the game for the first time, go to Store first and wait till it finishes loading (this to make sure it has a good connection with the game’s servers) then go back into a game and see if it still happens


Ok, I played a multiplayer match, and my Monster highest rank went back to Silver Skilled. One problem corrected.

About the adaptations, Gorgon, Emet, and Kala, I’ll try going to into the store. If I were to delete the game, would I lose all of my progress? And what would be saved in my my2K account?


For the purchased characters, try going into the store and buying them.


Great news guys! I just turned on my game, and the adaptations, Gorgon, Emet, and Kala were all unlocked again!


You guys can lock this now. If I have any more problems, I’ll make a new thread.