DLC licences


I mainly play on my U.S account on ps4 so bought evolve on it to play with my friends on it. However i want to use it on my european account also. Now i know DLC will be restricted to U.S account, and i am unable to buy E.U dlc to use on an american game.

So this has me concerned over maps whenever they are released. Will they be released via a patch, or via the store. I worry because if they are released via the store i will have to download via the U.S account and that means they will be bound to that account and not usable on my E.U account.


Please note that all maps and game modes will be free. So technically couldn’t you download the same game modes and maps for both?


Oh i know that, but you cant download EU DLC to use with a game bought on the US store, thats my concern. I use both accounts quite often and to not be able to use maps on the EU account would be a bummer


That is concerning. @MacMan, @DamJess, @Matthew, @Chloe, @SlabOMeat? Someone?


Yeah, it won’t be an issue if the maps are just patched in via an update, which they may well be since they are free. However if they are they are to be got through the store it seems they will be locked to one account.