DLC items suddenly Locked

Yeah so, I updated to the patch 5.0 and go to play as Jack since I had already purchased the Season Pass when Lennox was made available, I tested both multiplayer and solo mode; All my DLC content is locked, this includes Behemoth, Torvald, Sunny, Crow, Slim, Lennox and Jack.

I’ve tried a few things, verifying game cache, and deselecting my installed content then re-selecting it via Steam Games Library, to no success.

It seems people I came across in multiplayer are having this issue as well.
I’m starting to think it’s a team of monkeys developing this game. All the problems are very annoying and I expect this to be fixed ASAP seeing as my money has been taken, I expect my purchased product. As would anyone else.

have you logged out and back in with 2k account? O.O

I understand your frustration but insulting the developers won’t help the matter.

This is happening to a lot of people and there are already a lot of threads about the problem. It is currently being looked into so try to be as patient as possible please.

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same here


The developers are aware of the issue and are working on it already. as evidenced here: All my DLC is locked and unusable

The good news is that if it is showing up in your steam client or console store as owned, the problem is simply a matter of detection. This will get fixed ASAP!

Had the same problem when the last update came out. It’s annoying but be patient. Last time all the T4 stuff worked again the next day.

We need a mass thread for all of the DLC problems since patch.

This wasn’t caused by the patch. Also, get updates here!

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