DLC issues


Hi my name is HeavyGamer and i have a problem with how you are splitting the DLC. I brought the season pass assuming that i would get the majority of the DLC right. WRONG!!! I have a problem with this for many reasons but i would like to know if there is any one else that feels the same?


I have no issues with the DLC being broken up. I felt it gave us options to choose what we want to spend our money on rather than purchasing a DLC pack with items that may not be liked just to get the few we do because its in a DLC pack or bundle. I purchased the Hunter season pass, BOG skin pack, and Blood eagle pack. Thats all for now. I was reading how all new maps and games modes that will be added in later are FREE TO DOWNLOAD for the Evolve community. Extra hunters, monsters, and skins are the paid DLC for the game. Thats not a bad deal to me because we all still get the game modes and new maps to participate in if we find no interest in the add-on’s of playable character’s.


Are you referring to how the skins can be purchased separately and are not part of any dlc packs? Personally, I am more than happy with how the game is now and so am eagerly awaiting any new additions to the game. Personally have no big issues with the DLC. Could you specify what your complaint is about?


I mean it said what came with it in the pass. That and maps and game modes are free so if you want to buy the hunters and monsters it is just up to you. I like the way TRS is doing the dlc. I mean let’s not all get to worked up over skins.