DLC issues and frustrations


So I have purchased a couple of dlc skins so far from the psn store, and they work perfectly on my account. I love evolve, and definitely want to get more dlc, but there is a problem that needs to be fixed.

I share a ps4 system with my brother, and I have my account set as the primary account. That means that when i purchase dlc for any and all games that I own, my brother will always have access to the dlc as long as it is on the system we share. Works on all our games, and even for my ps plus subscription. My brother cannot access the skins that I have purchased. I want to get the hunting season pass and my brother is very excited about the future dlc as well, but there is no way I am paying double the amount for the same dlc when for all other games I buy it once and then we both have access to the content. Please fix this Turtle Rock. I love Evolve and want to purchase more dlc, but what is going on right now with me,my brother, and the dlc skins is unacceptable.

I remember Phill Robb saying in an interview that he is a consumer himself, and he is using that approach to the dlc plans, releasing dlc that he as a consumer would want to buy. Well, he should take that same “consumer approach” philosophy to this unfortunate situation, and fix this problem so I can buy more dlc in the future without this unnecessary stress.

Thank You.


There’s a thread that was posted about PS4 players not being able to use dlc on multiple accounts on the same console with only one purchase, I’d recommend checking that out, I’ll try to find it for you.

Edit: Found one that talks about your problem, but this isn’t the one I was initially trying to find:


This situation is ridiculous. I love evolve so much, but this problem needs to get more attention so that it can eventually be resolved, and thus all of us being happy consumers on the game we purchased, as well as future dlc.


From what I can remember of the other post I was referring to, they said that in the fine print it stated that the dlc would only work for that account, and when they messaged 2k they couldn’t do anything as well. Since 2k manages the marketing of the game, I don’t think TR can help you here. Your best guess is to probably ask playstation’s support to help you with it, or wait until the issue is resolved. As of now, I think only playstation is having this problem.


Thank you for the information. Do you by any chance now how to create and send a “ticket”. I was reading on another form that someone sent a “ticket” (which I’m guessing is a complaint) to the devs, and the ticket can be backed and supported by other users.


Sorry, can’t help you there. Hopefully someone who knows can help you out with this.