DLC Issue, Help?


Just bought the Hunter Season Pass and Hunter Pass 2, and it says it has all been Installed , now, it’s still downloading. the Online Features but when I clicked Solo…I didn’t have the new Monster, or any of the 8 Hunters or the Magma Skins, do I have to wait for the 15GB Online Feature/Network Feature to install before I can use the DLC?


What platform are you on?


PlayStation 4


@Shunty Thoughts?


So the game says it’s still downloading but the PS4 doesn’t right? As in the notifications tab says it’s all good, but once you enter the game it’s still downloading.


I’ll just go ahead and answer my own question, if it is as I have described, you won’t have any access to any form of DLC. Wait until the game itself says it’s fully downloaded. After that, you’ll have access to everything you bought.


Was trying to take a picture but it was loading my Library slowly xD it says to use Online/Network Features I need to let this Update Install, so until it does, I can’t use my DLC I got?


Yep, can’t use any of it. All the DLC is server connected, so you can’t access it unless you’re connected to a server.


Ignore the 99+, just got this new like Yesterday, unsure why it’s alittle slow xD


One more thing that may help, once both the game and system say the download is complete, open the multiplayer men then close it again. This checks for updates and synchronizes everything. Sometimes when downloading new content, I found that doing that helps get everything connected properly.

That said, if the game is still installing an update, it would probably be best to allow the update to finish in the first place.


Alright, thanks :YEa, I thought I could use the updates offline while it installs the Network Features, but I will keep this in mind and thank you all for the help :smiley:


Hopefully this’ll set you right. Feel free to stick around the forum though!


This is unrelated but is that a new update for Evolve?


The game is the early release game (you can see what is like when evolve was like on the day of the release ) until all updates are installed

You can’t use any DLC skins / character until you finish downloading the game .


No, I got the game…2…3days ago, so it’s downloading all the Updates I missed since it came out in one sitting, it did say 99+hrs but now since I’m doing it via Ethernet cord, it says 6minutes left xD


The Xbox works the same way. So long as the game is still installing itself or any updates you may technically be able to still play, but it is very limited. When I bought the game a while back on Xbox One I was in the same boat. Installed the game well enough then got a massive 18 +/- GB update. So When it said I could play at around 50% (I think) I got in game, but I was limited to the original 12 hunters, 3 monsters and solo Quick Play. So really the games have to be fully installed and updated before everything is available.


yea, I am on ps4 too. So when it says anything above 1 hour and 30+, don’t listen to it. its still thinking on how long it will take. But yea, Evolve doesn’t let you connect to the servers (online and dlc) if the latest update is not installed. And yea if you just got Evolve, you first download the game, then it installs, then it updates the game, then you play, (true for all games)