[DLC is bullshit] (fixed)


…to state how pathetic and bad for gaming your business model for this game was, TurtleRock. $130+ in DLC before the game even launched? Terrible.

I was a huge supporter of your until I read about this garbage a few weeks ago. Thought I’d stop by and let you guys know how disappointed I was.

Anyway, won’t be buying your game, nor will I be supporting you guys in the future. Make a game, and nickel and dime us for cool features that should be totally unlockable in-game, you know, like the good 'ol days of gaming. Now it’s all about ripping us off and laughing about it in celebratory fashion.

Congrats on the release, shame it’s spoiled by greedy gaming capitalism. Thanks to all the sheeple partaking, too! Supporting the wrong cause!



Why do you have to buy this dlc exactly. I really would like your opinion on that?


Even though I understand the logic here, it still makes me very sad.

2k’s advertising was a little bit shit, let’s not deny that. While there are a ton of skins, you will likely not buy it all. Also, there is nowhere close to $130 dollars worth of DLC, that was a writer who flunked math. Hard.


No, the question is, “why should I have to buy this DLC?”

I won’t buy this DLC, nor do I need to. But why exclude content and withhold it in exchange solely for money? $60 for full price, and you’re going to continue charging me for an already overpriced product to receive more content? That’s the problem with gamers today; it’s now become an expectation.

This isn’t expansion content to add to the experience, this is literally taking out what should already be in the game and putting a price tag on it. It’s distorting the perception of gaming. If people continue to support this brand of business, gaming will continue down the dark path it’s already on.

Short cut DLC’s for Battlefield. Additional characters for Evolve (AT LAUNCH!), additional maps on COD. This is bad stuff. It’s not an expansion pack, it’s simply taking more money from people willing to pay for literally no good reason.

Sucks, and it’s ruining gaming.


Actually you dont have to buy MOST of the DLCs since they are just simple skins that doesnt affect the gameplay in anyway.

But i do support your claim on the DLC part, since Monsters and Hunters that changes gameplay are part of DLCs.


You guys are missing the point. It’s the principle matter here. It’s like Mortal Kombat making Goro a DLC character. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? Goro is a classic character, and now I have to pay extra for him!? Gone are the days of earning that character in-game instead of on-the-job with my paycheck.

The cosmetics are the beginning. With a Season Pass for Evolve that doesn’t even cover the current DLC selection, you’re looking at the beginning of the end of affordable gaming. It’s pathetic and greedy. Gaming is being disrespected. I totally understand the need to make a profit, but integrity shouldn’t cease to manifest within the development/publisher studio, yet it is.

People don’t value their dollar enough and they value these games WAY too much. Again, $60 is already a ripoff, but adding this DLC crap instead of keeping where it should be; in-game, is garbage and I do not support it. I LOVE the concept of this game, and I’m certain it’s a blast, but the developer/publisher is what i’m not going to support. Sorry, but I just don’t appreciate one of my favorite mediums being tarnished by greed. Gaming is above this.


There’s no additional hunters or monsters at launch. Behemoth and the tier 4 hunters are all still being worked on. There’s nothing wrong with announcing them early.

And you don’t have to buy them either. DLC helps gaming companies stay in business and I’m all for it at reasonable prices. I don’t fully agree with the prices of Behemoth or the t4 hunters, so guess what? I bought the digital deluxe and got them for a great price.

It is expansion content because none of them are ready. Do I wish they were in the game from the start? Yes. Do I wish there is more skins to unlock rather than to buy? Yes. But they’re either not ready like the characters or they decided to make them a purchase like the skins. It doesn’t matter as the money will help them make more stuff.

You don’t want to buy it, then don’t. No one is forcing you to.


Am I missing something? What character is day one DLC? Goro is a classic character that shouldnt be left out of a MK game. The new monsters and himters havent even been made yet so that arguement is stupid. You want free shit and can’t have it so you’re throwing a fit. Grow up you don’t have to buy it and if you don’t like it then don’t play good riddence I’m sick if all you entitled “gamers”


Some people don’t seem to realise that developers ADD DLC.

You think playstation 2 games wouldn’t have dlc if it was possible ? Games are now much easier added to. It keeps it fresh the hunters and monsters are not even done! And skins are completely optional, it dosent effect gameplay so why would you even whine about it?


And you’re part of the very problem I’m aware, along with others who’re educated on the problem with game publishing and development.

Throwing a fit? Absolutely. Do I want free shit? What kind of argument are you staging here? You think this is about me getting free stuff? That’s not really a rebuttal to what I’m arguing, so move along lol.


The “Season Pass” is called the HUNTING SEASON Pass, not THE Season Pass. fuck outta here and do some research before you circlejerk.


Did you read anything above? Before trying to justify skins as a fair means of DLC, please read.

It’s principle here pal. It’s what should already be included for a $60 game already lacking in content. For a starting price like that, none of this shit should be DLC. That’s a fact.


‘Lacking In content’ is completely an opinion it has plenty. I would agree if monsters and hunters or modes was day 1. But they’re not, this game hardly deserves any of the dlc trash speak it gets.


All of the people trying so hard to confirm their purchases in here. Way to go ya’ll, way to add to the already decaying state of gaming. $$$

DLC doesn’t keep developers afloat. This has nothing to do with TR needing the additional revenue from this DLC garbage. It’s about making an extra buck because they know you people will pay. It’s quite silly. And to not have this stuff “ready?” Are you guys really that naive? Again, this game isn’t packed with content. How do you lack so much content already, and yet continue pumping out additional content with additional charges after charging a $60 PRICE TAG FROM THE GET GO!?



Thats Opinion, for the starting price it has I think it has more than enough content. See how opinions work. Just cause you think the skins should be free doesn’t make it fact, they can sell what ever they want as long as they didn’t take it out if the game which you have no evidence to say they did. They said they would sell you 3 monsters, 12 hunters, 12 maps and 4 gamemodes with the game, nothing more. Thats what we got if you weren’t content with that then you shouldn’t have bought it, if you didn’t then why are you trolling on a forum of a game you don’t have. You sound stupid please stfu.


There’s zero reason for them not having additional skins available and included in the game at launch. That’s laughable. That should tell you everything you need to know right there. Something as petty as that getting a price tag, with the excuse, “it wasn’t ready.” F*** outa here.


lol, I’m not buying this shit, and I’m not trolling. I came to TR’s forum to state my opinion. That’s what you do in forums.

The actual sad part is that your opinion is that you paid a good value, and you didn’t. Nobody playing Evolve did. Skins shouldn’t be, “Free”, skins shouldn’t even be in the discussion, because they should have simply been implemented into the game.

You must be 15. Pardon me, you didn’t experience the days without DLC, when skins were earned via gameplay, not via wallet. Forgive me.


Theres Zero reason they should be in the game, they’re skins not characters, entitled af. -__-


If you’re that bothered call 2k and tell them about how skins wasn’t included in the game and adding them would add so much more content.

Maybe then you could get the gameplay you deserve !


21 actually, didn’t realize I was better off economicly than you though, please forgive me fossil.