DLC idea, what do you think?


So I think i have a pretty great idea on a DLC, or at least a starting concept. I will start off with the map. It is an Island, a rather large one, with an intrecate river system in it. Kind of like paracel storm on bf4, but a much denser forest, alot more, but narrower rivers. It would be dawn on this tropical island. The Monster would Be a Giant carnivoirus tortious. It would have a spikked tail, a horned head, and large jagged teath. It would move very slow on land, but swim fast to compensate. It would have the ablititt to dive underwater for about 10 sec( much like krakens flying ability). Its special abilitties would be a hround smash, where it would jump on the ground like goliath, tail swing(its most damaging, but longest cooldown attack) water spit, which would disorintate the hunters if the monster needs to escape. And finally, the unique ability to summon 5 regular sized tortises to attack the hunters. What do yall think?


Could it be named Shredder (TMNT fans get it…)?


“Tonight I dine on Hunter soup!”


And perhaps instead of spitting water he could spit something else. Ooze? Green, maybe? :wink:


On land the monster would probably be obliterated, whereas in the water the Hunters wouldn’t have much of a chance killing the beast (especially if you play the character with the flamethrower). While the tradeoffs are there, it’d be a sort of stalemate - the Hunters would just wait for the beast to come out, and the only time the monster would have a chance to fight back while getting to land is the five smaller beings.

At least that’s how I imagine it would be. I love the idea of seaborne play and different speeds depending on terrain, but I’m not entirely sure. If you flesh out the ideas, I reckon I’ll support it!


This I like. As I said in a post before reading this one, the turtle didn’t seem to have much reason to leave the water if the Hunters would just keep him there. While in the water, he’d have a much more defensive edge to either coax them in, or make himself vulnerable above the surface.


A giant turtle… … Sanbi ?


Thanks for pointing that out for me, that gives me the idea of the regualr sized tourtises (that the monster can release) would lead the hunters toward water


I guess in this situation you would try and balance it by the evolution stages. In stage 1 the hunters would still need to be able to defeat the turtle in or near the water. Potentially you could put in some really nasty water wildlife at certain intersections that forced the turtle to leave the river to get past.

In stage 2 the map would need to lure the turtle out with some tasty land only wildlife while water wildlife would flee quickly from the bigger turtle. You could also slow down the turtles swim speed as it gets bigger.

In stage 3 the turtle would have to come out to actually win the game.

The hunters would always be able to shoot the turtle in the river so they don’t need to get in…unless they want to get across.

However I don’t see this happening anytime soon. Although it is interesting it would force the same map to be used for the same monster all the time and I don’t see how that fits in nicely with the matchmaking system.


So pretty much a giant Alligator Snapping Turtle:

You could replace the summon with a lure attack, that instantly incapacitates any hunter that touches it(like the actual turtle in real life). That or its a bite and toss attack so you can fling hunters away and break up the team.