DLC Hypocrisy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (Between Evolve DLC & Overwatch Loot Boxes)


So It’s been said that Overwatch has sold over 10 million copies worldwide. Everyone is jumping on the fanboat to proclaim that Overwatch is the best game to come out this year.

Before this gets moved into the Overwatch thread, I’ll explain the point of this thread.

People hated Evolves DLC plan. Buy skins, new hunters, new monsters in and out of packs (e.g. Hunting Season Passes). This negative aura has surrounded Evolve since it’s release, and it’s a sad reason to hate on the game.

Overwatch compared to Evolve:


  • 21 Heros
  • unlockable skins
  • unlockable emotes
  • unlockable sprays
  • unlockable victory poses
  • unlockable PotG intros
  • unlockable voice lines
  • unlockable player badges
  • a total of 1134 unlockables
  • a Loot Box is earned every time you level up
  • can be bypassed by buying Loot Boxes


  • 12 base hunters
  • 3 base monsters
  • 8 DLC hunters
  • 2 DLC monsters
  • 12 (soon) hunter variants
  • 3 (soon) monster variants
  • T4+5 variants?
  • A total of 30 base characters with the game, including variants and monsters
  • unlockable player badges
  • character mastery (also gives player badges)
  • buyable skins
  • challenge skins (free as long as you take part in the challenge)

Overwatch seems like the better option, right? Wrong. Overwatch pushes the Loot Boxes to be any way of getting unlockables. You can’t even earn the coins outside of Loot Boxes. These Loot Boxes are earned either by leveling up or buying them in bulk.

“So you don’t have to buy the loot boxes” - said someone ignorant of horrible business models.

So I’ve considered buying 50 Loot Boxes, but quickly dismissed that thought because:

  • You can get duplicate items
  • Those duplicates are turned into coins so it’s not a complete loss
  • The amount of coins you gain from those duplicates doesn’t even equate to the full-buy value.
    This is especially sad when you get a duplicate gold skin, where it gives you 500 for a 1000 coin skin.
  • Getting a gold skins is extremely rare, and if you do get a gold skin, its probably for a hero you didn’t want or play.
  • Once you start getting all the unlockables that are common, you start getting duplicates that are not sold for full-value, so once you start getting around 100-200 Loot Boxes, you are being scammed. Paying money for 1/5th the original value of the items you already got. A real shitty way of Blizzard flipping you off for giving them money.

This all means you can drop over $5000 into Loot Boxes, where I can’t even buy $500 worth of Evolve DLC.

Now if duplicates and coins were taken out of Loot Boxes, you have 1134 unlockables, and each Loot Box gives you 4 items, so you would need to buy 283.5 Loot Boxes + the base game of $40/$60/$130.

283.5 Loot Boxes ($240 worth) and yet the countless duplicates and coins doesn’t even factor in to that amount.

Yet I don’t see reviews going after this fact. It’s sad that a multi-million dollar company like Blizzard is doing these exploitative marketing strats on top of selling 10 million copies.

Angry Joe covers it in his video at 4:00:

I just felt the need to share this, since Evolve got shunned and boycotted for not taking a micro-transaction route and is still shunned to this day.


First off; they don’t. On the PS4 the only way to purchase them is via pressing square in the Loot Box menu. It’s practically hidden in the bottom left of the screen and there is literally nothing saying look here.

Secondly; the more options to get cosmetic stuff the better. That’s being consumer friendly. That’s giving the consumer the option to buy or not. Some people have more money then time, some more time then money, so giving the consumer the option to do what they want is the best way possible.


The difference is that Overwatch uses unlockables to add longevity to the game, while Evolve used cosmetics for purely financial gain.

If someone has OCD, then they might really care that it will take them a long time to unlock everything, but for the regular gamer its just a fun add on that give players a reason to keep playing.


I don’t really think that’s how it works. I’m not playing Overwatch for the loot boxes or the skins. I’m playing it because it’s fun. Same thing goes for Evolve. Adding unlockables to a game doesn’t force longevity, it just merely adds another reason to play.



TRS is only a day-one success because they didn’t create any long term unlockable content. Games like Call of Duty have tons and tons of unlockables that can take players up to a year or more to unlock everything. That’s where the extra values comes in that gamers are expecting these days.

In Overwatch you can unlock everything with enough play time, and in league of legends you can unlock every character without having to spend a dime.


You can get 5 skins in the origins edition, and that’s the only way you can get skins.

What I meant is that you can’t buy skins in Overwatch. It has to come from a loot box, whereas Evolve had the option to buy skins.

And I do understand that. But for people who want pursue certain characters it’s a slap in the face. But my major complaint comes from the “you can pay an endless amount for Loot Boxes” because of the way the game handles duplicate items.

Overwatch also uses it for financial gain. Any game that allows you to spend an endless amount of money is in for financial gain,

Evolve was also not fully into financial gain because there are challenge weekends where you can earn free skins.

Once again, my point comes from infinite amount of money you can spend on the game, whereas more straightforward DLC routes like Evolve are shunned.

It’s just hypocritical for the gaming community to condone such toxic marketing tactics.

It adds a progression system in a game that gives little reward outside of it. Thus it adds a reason to play and increases longevity where players can work to get rewards.

Bullshit. It’s not like TRS layed out all the skins in the game on day-1. Matter of fact, they clearly layed out their DLC route by saying more hunters and monsters will be added.

Not if they keep adding new content. In Evolve, you can get everything in the game for under $500. Overwatch would require you to buy Loot Boxes for getting 75% of the total content unlocked. You would need to be over level 300 to get somewhere without buying loot boxes.


You could or you could just spend around $720 usd to get all current items(depends on luck) not that many people would want every item in the first place.


Then why does Blizzard shove Loot Box probability down everyone’s neck? Yes, I don’t want all content in Overwatch, but Blizzard isn’t giving me the option to not get everything in the game.

That’s still very expensive. The more Loot Boxes you get, the more duplicates you get, so since Blizzard gives you 1/5th the value of duplicates you will need to buy 5x more Loot Boxes to make up for that loss of duplicate coins.

Evolve doesn’t require you to spend a rough amount of money to access all DLC content. Just add everything in the store and that’s how much you need to pay to get all DLC. Meanwhile in Overwatch, you can spend $0-$5000 just to unlock everything. Now you might not want everything, but there is that chance that you want a skin but you will get it once you already have 90% of the content already.


Once again you don’t need to spend $5000 to get everything $720 is around the average, you may need to spend a little more or even less but no where near $5000.

Because of the coin system that’s impossible as you would have so many coins at that point you could get any item you wanted.


You still misunderstood me. Yes, $720 is the average, but that is not going to stop Lil’ Jimmy from having to spend $800 just to unlock everything.

Not to mention Blizzard has plans to make more heros. The fact of the matter is there is no set price to buy everything in the game.

Not if you have multiple favorite skins where you happen to get all the ones you didn’t want first. Not to mention you get those coins off duplicates and separate drops.


I’d gladly tell you everything you are wrong on with your assessment of this and honestly Angry Joe is an individual that is completely hated by a majority of our community because of his wrongful review of Evolve.

AJ has a backwards view on DLC. I suggest you do not share in his ideas.

###TL;DR Evolve and Overwatch use vastly different plans for content. Don’t try to compare them and especially don’t share AJ’s opinions.


Like I said just no where near $5000.

Nothing I can really add to my answer.


Once again, another thread where people completely missed the point.


Bleh… I understand the sentiment of the op here but there doesn’t have to be a hierarchy of how people do DLC or unlockables. I don’t see any issue with evolve’s method, nor with overwatch’s.


Ok, so chiming in here for two reasons.

First, as a mod, I know this is a heated subject, so I’m going to ask everybody to keep a cool head and try to discuss this as politely and objectively as possible. I admit I was actually going to make a thread on this, but reconsidered because I wanted to avoid flame wars. I’ll be keeping a close eye on this one to make sure it doesn’t get too aggressive.

Second, I do have an analysis on this, but I wanted to post this warning first. I will return with numbers for the sake of discussion.


I figured it was going to lead to this, but I posted it because it was relevant, talking about how the gaming community ignores toxicity and mis-blames developers who want nothing but good.

People then decided to hone in on aspects of my argument where the OP becomes irrelevant, like the amount of money you need to spend to get everything in the game or how Evolve and Overwatch cannot be compared, when I was focusing on their business models and how the gaming community reacted to them.

It’s just frustrating to have an argument stray from it’s original purpose. I will admit that my salt has been low, but it does not come from the points or different point of views, but how people will side-step the main point, unless I’m the one not understanding the correlation between peoples argument and the OP.


I got to point out the fact that the Variants were nonexistent until last July when Jack was released. And it came in the form of a surprise when playing against a random AI monster where Mety G :meteor_goliath: would pop up, sometimes.
BUT :raised_hand: one of the questions asked after the “What the $!%@ is that?” was “How much is it going to cost?” So, it was a huge bonus when it was announced as free.
As far as I know about the free skins, no one knew the extent or how long they would last. Plus, everyone who complained about the pay-for-skins never, ever mentioned the free ones. Shamefully one-sided. :expressionless:
But Total Biscuit said it best when he said that the skins aren’t pay-to-win, only strictly cosmetic. And that the DLC controversy was blown WAY out of proportion. On a side note, I myself have only bought one skin. Tiger Skin Goliath because… just look at it :joy:

I don’t own OverWatch so I won’t get into detail about their practices, but their skins also seem cosmetic only. While just like Evolve you can play the game the same way with or without changing your skins. The one exception is that Tier 4 & 5 need to be purchased unless you got the Evolve Ultimate Edition.

Off topic. Isn’t that the review where Joe gave the game a “Sample Text out of 10” :smile:


I don’t see how this is comparable at all. Battleborn skins to Evolve skins would be a much more apples to apples comparison. They also have a season pass on top of it.

At any rate, I’ve said since the beginning that I don’t get why Evolve got so much shit for selling skins when a bunch of games pull the same crap. I see new Dead or Alive and LBP skins almost every week. Not to mention the countless other titles that have done it.


Okay, this analysis was missing some updated data in overwatch. I’ll have it up in a few hours, I promise!

That said, the current results are looking very very cool for both games. :wink:

EDIT: I got back really late. I’ll have this up early tomorrow!


Yeah. It bugs me a little that people flip about Evolve having “Day One DLC” that was purely cosmetic, and then no one seems to give a shit when a similarly unbalanced incomplete mess also has Day One DLC.

Granted, all Overwatch characters will be free, whereas Evolve had purchaseable characters withing 2 months of release (one was free with pre order though).

But here’s another thing. Overwatch has one gamemode. “Ah ah Chrono, there are 3!” Yeah but can I choose which one I want to play? Can I play a match offline? No. I’m forced to play Quick Play. I paid 60$ fpr quickplay.

And that’s fine. I made that choice. But to praise the game? To not criticize it for things that apparently people hated about Evolve?

Yeah no. I’m not a bandwagoner like most of the gaming community.