DLC Hunters have broken the Evolve


DLC Hunters have broken the Evolve.
All players know it.
Last weekend,only 2,000 people played this game at 21:00 of the Western U.S. time.
Please remove all dlc hunters, and never nerf monsters.
Most players dont want to join in a game as a monster.
Only a senior is in condition to be able to join in a game as a monster.
My Daisy always smells the ground. Because monsters there are few monsters in the battlefield.

What? Dont use DLC Hunters? :hushed:
HAHAHA nice joke. I paid money to win. :smile:


Whatever, Slim is not best medic, Torvald is an okay assault (I prefer Parnell), Crow is not the best trapper, and Sunny struggles for top with Hank.


Most Slim players are Garbage, Sunny is strong, Torvald is garbage unless you’re a good assault, Crow is good.


Try taking down a monster in a cave with Torvald, it’s sad


Lol thinks slim is best medic.


You’re HILARIOUS! :joy:


Only issue I see is sunny and her stupid shield drone


Please explain how they have ‘broken’ the game im intrigued :laughing:


Yeah, because taking away characters we’ve paid for will boost this game’s reputation and player base… NOT lol


The only OP skill among all new hunters is jetpack booster (but Hank is still a better support), but it’s not THAT great to call it broken either. Current Kraken sounds more suitable for this title, just look at his win ratio. Caira is a better medic than Slim (unless it’s against behemoth, then Slim is great, but not OP). Crow is just meh, I’d take any of other 3 trappers instead for sure. Torvald is decent, but not OP unless you’re standing still and sucking on his mortars.

PS: most players don’t want to play monster not because monster is weaker, but rather because it’s a completely different experience.


So m any things i disagree with.

Yes, I think all the DLC hunters are too strong for one reason or another or are too annoying.

  1. People don’t like slim because he negates aoe damage and prevents people from seeing. Yes you can always fly out of the nades, but meh.
  2. Caira’s healing is over the top right now. It over-heals pounces and melee attacks from the strongest monsters right now.
  3. Torvald is not weak, he’s amazing. Learning what I know from Shin, I can’t believe what he can pull off. And when combined with Sunny for jet pack boost, he’s an A-10 warthog.
  4. Sunny’s damage is still great, and her utility is amazing. She’s hank+pre-nerf cabot+torvald warthog transforming powerhouse. And I’m well aware of the limitations of her shield drone. But it’s still inhibiting, especially since she doesn’t have to CHOOSE to support OR dps…
  5. Crow’s smell-o-vision with Gobi is amazing. once again preventing monster hunters from hiding, sneaking, and escaping. I can only imagine what life would have been like before the cabot pre-nerf… monster would be shot through anywhere. And his perma-slow spam gun that works great with Tranq too… yaaay. Oh, and the sniper rifle that can avoid armor? Works great when getting shot in the face. Say CHEESE.

Each of the hunters may not be THE MOST POWERFUL in any particular trait, but they have the best SYNERGIES that take the hunter team over-the-top.

But… this is my own opinion, and by no means the state of the game… Dang I’m grumpy this morning… I need more coffee…

  • Slim despite his annoying spamable nature, can be countered by following his leach trails. His healing isn’t that great. Without Sunny on the team he’s just below Caira.

  • Crow is probably the only hunter in the tier that isn’t broken. A little tweak in how wide Gobi can see would be nice and a damage buff to the charged long rifle. Is needed.

  • Torvald, is still too strong. They nerfed the shotgun instead of is mortars which wwasn’t the best thing to do. As it removes mortars as a damage dealer. Outside of caves, the mortars are death to monsters. They easily be lead so no matter how much the monster moves, Torvald can still easily hit him. As his mortars can still aim as they are being fired.

  • Sunny… Jeez… She is an OP breeder’s wet dream.
    She’s basically prenerf Cabot on the Damage and constant pressure department, with Hanks shield thrown in that can be done both at the same time. I’m fine with her jet booster but they really to bring the drone down.

This long since their released I have to still the nerf on Sunny didn’t help bring her down. I’m still seeing too many games where Sunny can steam roll the monster. Slim and Torvald are closer to how the other Hunters are, put them with any other comp they have a fair 50\50 chance.


You know Sunny’s kit is OP, don’t be an asskisser. You’re better than that Shin.


Game just died.Day by day fewer are going to play.This game was a nice idea but 2k never loved it


Torvald got a nerf at morta and shotgun. Boeth absolutly nessesarry in my opinion. Now he seems quite balanced for me.
Slims sporegun is too spamable with cooldownreduction. If you play him it dont seems like that, but against him it could be a pain. The rest is balanced. Crows slow is a bit too strong, combined with val you cant really move anymore. Gobi could get some seconds cooldown (2 or 3) but thats just a little thing.
Sunny boosts to much. there is no chance to escape anymore for monster and in fights each hit is difficult. If they nerf that im quiet ok with her shielddrone, cause you get the first hit, with or without it. Maybe a little nerf at it`s life.

Maybe I am wrong with Sunny and Crow, cause i dont have them, but thats what i`ve saw playing against and with them.


My game still works, weird. D:


Nah, she’s fine as is.

And who’s ass would I be kissing? Makes no sense.


Too many hacks at pc version guys.Assaults know where the monster is all the fucking time.Game is fucking dead!Hunters want to win all the fucking time.


Everybody wants to win all the time =)


I see.
Is my Cabot play not enough for you, Shin?