Dlc hunter ideas


A stealth based trapper with a cross-bow and personal cloak would be awesome!
Or a assault with like a 50-cal lmg and a pump shotgun.


I definitely like the idea of a trapper with a personal cloak, but it’d have to be a trapper that otherwise has little in the way of tools to help find the monster to balance off the fact that it could sneak up on monsters (or evade them when starting the dome)


It would need to replace either hunting or slow/disruption. Its hard to decide which should be dropped, but the other better be incredibly powerful to compensate.


I guess it makes sense that it’d be a good tracker, but not a good trapper. Someone much more like an opposite of Abe


But Abe still has both. While not great at finding, he is still good at tracking once he sees the monster. Granted, finding is 80% of tracking. I feel like a great tracking ability/weapon would be alright for a cloaking hunter.


Specifically: I’d like a trapper that had…

  • Dome (obviously)
  • Monster Sense

An ability on cool down to basically “smell” as a hunter. See stealth tracks for 10 seconds, also see creatures within a certain range. Good for actively seeking out where a monster is in a dome, and obviously for tracking it down before then. Fairly decent cooldown, but not so much it can be spammed for a constant use. The idea would be that you can regularly use it to keep on the right track, not to use it constantly to have a guaranteed route to the monster. Better trappers would use it as a way to triangulate where the monster may be now, not to follow it.

  • Personal Cloak

Like Laz’s, basically

  • Bolt rifle (or another slow reload, high impact, weapon)

Be it a rifle, or cross bow, or whatever… something that is a powerful weapon (by trapper standards), useful at range more than up close, but requires you to hit each shot for it to really be useful. More damaging than maggies SMG if you’re hitting all shots (to make up for lack of actual trapping ability).

That’s personally what I’d like to see in the trapper character class, anyway :wink:


I like that you replied to yourself. I thought about the animal sense idea. I think it would work really well. On the other side, an ability that is similar to Abe’s grenades but like stop traversal as well. That could work with Cloak trapper


crossbow or compound bow would be awesome as any hunters weapon.

Personal cloak on trapper would be a bit meh as he would have to trade either his cc skill or tracking skill to the cloak and it would remove the need for him to coordinate with the support to land easy domes.
Trapper without a way to track is not a trapper,
Trapper without a way to CC the monster is not a trapper.

CCing the monster is very important part of trappers play and I don’t see a trapper without CC skill functioning too well.
Tracking the monster is another point and without any skill to track the monster would have a field trip nomming himself to stage 3.

and trapper without main weapon or dome, wait what?


How bout a multi-fire crossbow or auto-cross


How bout support with duel-weild sawed offs 1887 shotguns