DLC Hunter Decisions


So I really love this game and want to support the developers by buying a DLC hunter! I just love the survival, thrill of the hunt, and especially the community. I was looking into Crow because Gobi is so darn cute, EMET because he just sounds very big on utility, and Jack because of his pistols and his background/story.

I don’t want to buy one and regret it later, that’s why I am here. Plus, I love you guys. Let’s get into my playstyle because I want a hunter that fits it, and you guys know alot more than I do. I like taking the lead and enjoy finding the monster first. I like guns that go boom and I am really good at communicating and sticking with the team(I never wander off because that doesn’t seem like a good plan, and getting mauled by treesforarms doesn’t sound fun either). Is there a specific hunter that fits my playstyle. I am not picky but I really do prefer complicated, utility, cool guns, and spotting monsters.

It would help out alot and I would really appreciate it if you guys share your insight!
Thanks again,


I’d have to say that it depends more on what role you like to play. Start there and then make your decision.


Really decide on the class you like first, though I am thinking you may actually like Lennox or Crow, if you like the Assault and Trapper classes.


Definitely trapper


Check out Crow then. Gobi can be pretty useful if used correctly. Then both his Stasis gun and Kinetic rifle have varying effects depending on how long you charge the shot. I think Crow is the better of him and Jack, as Jack is nothing overly special, though his repulsor is pretty cool.


If you like trapper, I’d go for crow or jack for sure.

Jack has high damage on his pistols and a decent tracking method with his survey satellite. His repulsor ray is totally unique and fun, but extremely hard to master. He is good if you like a gameplay style that is very dynamic with lots of emphasis on speed and positioning.

Crow has a really cool unique charge up mechanic that helps him adapt to many situations. He is one of the few hunters that can ignore armor, giving him special early dome and late game stage 3 fight value. His stasis gun is powerful, and when charged can be a little bit on the side of “fire and forget” allowing for a nice combo of control and damage. Gobi is wonderful and cute all at once. His style is a lot more well rounded and methodical.

Of the two trappers, I like crow the best.

I also may recommend, if you go for crow, it may be worth looking into the season one pass. It costs 10 dollars more (instead of 5), but you get four hunters, skins for all of them, and a set of monster skins to boot. If you ever plan on getting more hunters, that’ll save you money in the long run.


Don’t forget Mad Mags too! She’s a beast and will rip through the Monster soul


agreed. makes things easy


Honestly just wait for a sale and get the season passes.


as for the satellite, not so much, more damage than tracking


I’m sure this poll has been done before but maybe people can vote on their favorite dlc hunter to help.

  • :assault: Torvald
  • :trapper: Crow
  • :medic: Slim
  • :support: Sunny
  • :assault: Lennox
  • :trapper: Jack
  • :medic: Emet
  • :support: Kala

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Just between jack and crow since you like trapper.

  • :trapper: Crow
  • :trapper: Jack

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@The_Specialist sorry, meant to reply to the op


Haha, it’s fine

I like polls


Well, based on how you said you like to play, I’d probably recommend Torvald or someone, but of the hunters you listed, Jack seems like your best bet.


I shall give you my preferred DLC picks for each class, and my reasoning.

:medic: Emet: Emet is an amazing character. Incredible dialogue, hilarious personality, and a phenomenal kit. I love everything in it. His healing buoys provide an interesting new healing mechanic to the game, as does his respawn beacon. His replay cannon also helps out a lot, but it’s definitely not a defining feature of his.

:support: Kala: Kala provides a new and interesting way to play the game that really appeals to me, in a strange way. Setting up traps for monsters, wiping away their armor for a limited time to hit home, and the ability to teleport… It’s crazy. It requires you to think smart, a lot smarter than you would with other hunters. Kala isn’t an easy Hunter to pull off, but if you can, it’s a very rewarding experience.

:monster: Gorgon: It may not appeal to everyone, but I like quick, stealthy characters, and Gorgon definitely fits this niche. She’s got some intense DOT action and trap laying prowess that is really fun to play. You have no idea how badass it is chilling on a wall and lying in wait, spewing acid and leaping onto the hunters with malice. It’s awesome!

:trapper: Jack: He’s just a fun character. It’s cool using the survey satellite, as it requires you to use a lot more of your intuition. His repulsor makes you feel like a total badass, stopping twenty-foot tall monsters in place. His pistols are really nice too. All around, he’s a real funny character with an interesting yet simplistic kit.

:assault: Torvald: Torvald is a revenge bound cyborg with a death wish, and his kit is absolutely insane. Frisbees that make yourself stronger… A shotgun that absolutely shreds through monsters with a single click… A mortar cannon mounted on your back… What’s not to love? He’s a cool character with a crazy agenda. I like it.

Now I’ll go into the other DLC characters and my reasoning for not choosing them. It’s not that they aren’t good or interesting. It’s just because they don’t fit me.

:medic: Slim: I like Slim. He’s cool. He’s my second Hunter elite. But God, his spores man. I hate the new VFX for them. I realize that it was needed so colorblind individual’s heads didn’t implode, but still. I just… Can’t play Slim anymore.

:support: Sunny: I’ve just never really been too fond of defensive supports. Her JPB is nice, but her mininukes don’t have a high enough rate of fire to keep me in the game, and her shield drone is just kind of there. She just doesn’t feel engaging enough for me.

:monster: Behemoth: He’s an amazing monster. My third favorite. But as I stated previously, I like fast, stealthy types, and Behemoth… He’s none of that. However, I love his abilities (probably more than Gorgon’s, in all honesty) and he’s a great monster, contrary to some’s beliefs.

:trapper: Crow: I’ve just never really been a big Crow guy, honestly. He’s cool. Gobi is awesome. But I’m not into the whole, charging your shots mechanic. I’m also shit with his aiming.

:assault: Lennox: Lennox is a great character. Her kit is amazing. She’s right up there with Torvald in my eyes. But God dammit, if her personality isn’t bland as all hell to me. I can’t play her because I simply hate her dialogue. No offense to anyone at TRS, but just… Yeah. I just don’t like it. Personal opinion, obviously. I love Sunny’s dialogue and VO but a lot of people hate it for some reason.

What you should be looking for in your chosen character is…

Class Preference: You like trapper? I’d role with a trapper then.

Design: Does their design appeal to you? I personally love both Crow’s and Jack’s design.

Personality: Do you like their personality? Crow seems slightly bland to me, but Jack’s personality is pretty interesting.

Kit: Do you like their kit? I love Jack’s kit, but Crow’s kit is eh to me. Love Gobi, though.

Playstyle: Does their playstyle appeal to you? Crow and Jack have two very different playstyles. Much different tracking, much different CC, and much different weapons. You just have to find the gameplay mechanics that “feel smoothest in your hands”, so to speak.

Hope this helped! I’m not trying to sway your opinion. I’m just trying to help you choose the one that’d best fit you, by listing the ones that best fit me. Everyone is different, so your choices (and many others’) may be drastically different. Whoever you choose, I hope you enjoy them. Have a good one!


You guys are all crazy preferring Crow to Jack…

Jack is just… he’s… he’s just amazing. His style of play just clicked for me.
I prefer to be in the Monster’s face, running around and shooting at the same time (a passive that no other Hunter has) and saving teammates or making a Monster stay inside an orbital barrage. Knowing when to use his Repulsor beam is key though to becoming a Jack master.

Also, @The_Specialist, Mad Mags isn’t DLC but she is free so anyone can play her.


Yea figured that out haha

Also I just can’t figure out Jack yet. His Repulsors are hard for me to control and the Survey takes to long to search as well as being able to use again. Also he does to little damage with the pistols. I like crow better shrug


I don’t think I’ve tracked using the SS for months now, I just use it for damage and to help flush out Monsters hiding in dome. I didn’t like when they lowered his pistol damage, but the guys I play with started using Torvald so I can hit the markers fast to do more damage.


I really like Jack. The running all the time is pretty awesome. Repulsors are arguably the best cc.

I just like crow’s play style better. I like the fire and forget with a charged stasis. I like being able to highlight the monster and zoom in with Gobi. I like the multipurpose kinetic rifle, knowing that the monster will have a hard time winning once we get his health low enough.


Thank you, I love polls


Thank you!!! I love you for making this, it was exactly what I needed. I read over it like 4 times because it was super awesome/helpful