DLC Free trial


I feel it would be helpful if players were able to use new hunters and monsters for free in solo mode for about a week after they are released. I haven’t bought the new hunters yet because I don’t know if I want one or all of them. I want sunny and crow and torvald look fun, but I don’t know if they would fit my play style. If I wanted to buy three then I would just get all four since it’s not much more.

The same goes for monsters. I got behemoth for free and I’m glad I got him because he is my favorite monster. But if I had to pay full price for him or another monster that uses a mechanic I don’t usually use, like stealth, then I don’t think I would buy them without being randomly thrown into a game as them or a sale.

I think this would help sell more hunters and monsters because people would get to try them and if they like them they wouldn’t want to play without them.


Would be bad for business, they should stick to the paywall and keep releasing them slightly OP instead of UP or balanced, it’s more fun that way and people buy more overpowered hunters. MONEY!


Next monster SHOULD be OP :wink: