DLC for the RICH and what about us POOR


Really like the new hunters but why they have a price tag on and why can’t you unlock then for example by playing the game just like the mastery buffs, I know you gotta make a buck, but didn’t you devs make one by selling the game?


How many times must we say that devs have nothing to do with prices and whole sale-system? All that stuff is decided by 2K.


Making the game cost money, which was paid for by the initial purchase

Making DLC costs money, which is paid for by DLC prices

If they released all DLC free, there would be little incentive for them to continue working on DLC, so we probably wouldn’t get much DLC. And they would just work on Evolve 2: Kraken Bogaloo instead


Didn’t you like, post this in the steam forums too?


VIDEOGAMES are for the RICH and what about us POOR? Why can’t games I want to play be free?


This is just hearsay, but from what I understand they did this so people can still play the game with their friends regardless of DLC. New maps and gamemodes are free, and the dlc is all optional.

Do i think it is necessarily a great business decision? No, 15 USD is too much for a monster (especially if they’re going to go beyond tier 5). Do i think they did it for all the right reasons? Yes, yes i do.


sounds about right =)


What about for the poor? You get free maps and free game modes (when/if created).

You get to play against new monsters and against/with new hunters for free. You will get free skins through community challenges. You don’t ever have to pay another dime to 2k and TRS, but your online community and matchmaking will never be split and segregated from you.

You’re suggesting that TRS keep developing new content for you at zero cost. How will they keep the lights on? On Ya… They sell DLC.

What are you moaning about?


The seasons pass is 25 dollars. The new hunters are 8.50 each or something like that. Thats really not that much when you look at the fact that maps and modes are free dlc, and the dlc doesn’t segregate the community. You also aren’t forced to buy all 4 if you don’t want to (Dunno why all 4 are pretty awesome) and they are one of the main aspects of the game and each one completely changes your playstyle and how the game can or will go.

I’ve said this before and I know it sounds ignorant but if your complaining about stuff in video games costing money because you can’t afford it, you probably shouldn’t be playing video games cause its only going to get worse, depending on your opinion.


Yeah see you when they ship the tier 10 hunters.


Obvious troll is trolling.
I expected more from you guys.


Let’s keep things civil. Discussion is good but if things go south we’ll close this thread.


Any further south.


I’ll take it one step further.

COMPUTERS are for the RICH and what about us POOR? Why can’t an i7 5960X and Tri-SLI Titan X cards that I want to use be free?


pay to win game whatever.