DLC Enquiry - Fragmenting the Community


So I have heard that Evolve will include DLC, but that was of course expected. Time and time again, I have seen communities fragmented by badly designed DLC, for example in the Call of Duty games bringing out map packs so that the community gets split - some playing the newer maps who own the DLC and others stuck with the older maps.

To maintain a stronger community, could we expect to be given any new maps for free but have to pay for any new characters, therefore keeping the community together. By everyone receiving the maps for free, the community will be able to play together regardless of whether they have purchased DLC or not.

Oh and on a side note, good job on the donation to Humble Bundle. Good to see you guys supporting charities ^^


It’s been confirmed that maps will be for free, for the reasons you’ve stated. You can also play against or with DLC characters, but not as them


Ok. Thanks for clearing that up! I guess it is a definite pre-order then.


Yup, the TRS team seems a bit more focused onkeeping the community together than making money that would split the gamers up. Im amazed at how their dlc differs from the standard shooter’s such as bf or cod


That’s what makes them so awesome!


Ikr? It’s a big reason I hate that people are bashing them for having DLC in mind while making the game. It makes me sad seeing that kind of hate towards a really awesome company :frowning:


That and they’re also knocking the game before having even seen anymore about it and just jumping on the “GAME ALREADY HAS DLC, NO BUY” bandwagon and it sucks! Oh well, they’ll be missing out on a great game anyway. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


They’ll be like WTF when it wins GOTY!


That article was very poorly written. It focuses on the fact that DLC is being accommodated, but doesn’t get into any of the description about how it is being done in a way that will benefit the community.

Highlights of the article should be:

  1. Maps will be given away for free so the entire community can play together.
  2. Additional Monsters and characters will be made available through DLC for those that wish to purchase them. Players who never purchase any DLC can still play with/against anyone in the community.
  3. The sale of DLC (characters/monsters/skins) will allow for additional free content that the whole community can enjoy (new maps).

Take one look at the comments in that article and you can see the messaging is hurting TRS. Release the PR hounds at once!


Yeah I think the title especially just immediately evokes anger and mistrust, when in fact that point of the article is that TR is building Evolve with a framework that will allow them to do some significant additions unlike what they were able to do with L4D. Saying “This game was built around DLC more than any other game ever!” that is a whole lot different than saying “We made sure to build this game so that in the future we won’t be hamstrung in terms of what kind of new, cool content we can add to the game!” One makes it seem like squeezing extra money out of gamers via DLC is the primary goal of Evolve (which I don’t believe is the truth), and one makes it sound like TR wants to make sure they can add awesome stuff to the game down the road.

I don’t blame @MacMan at all for the weird title, though. It seems like the author took his comments in the OXM article and kind of twisted them into this really negative-sounding title. Hopefully people don’t just read the title and just decide to write off Evolve, because I think if they actually read the article they’ll actually understand how this is a good thing for the community. But knowing how some of the gaming community tends to react to things, hoping they read the article might be a bit much to expect…


Hey @Plaff, where has that been confirmed? I feel like that is a HUGE selling point that more people need to be aware of. @SlabOMeat, @MacMan, if it’s true that all players will be able to play with each other regardless of what DLC each player owns, you should be shouting it from the rooftops! Player fragmentation is one of my LEAST favorite things about modern multiplayer gaming, and although I’m planning on getting all of the Evolve DLC myself, I’d love to know that I’ll still be able to play w/ my friends who don’t do the same!


It was confirmed on the Forums somewhere by MacMan, can’t remember which topic exactly.

This was also confirmed to be true. I think future game-modes are also going to be free


Yup, this has been said but again it is lost in the maze of awesomeness that is the forums lol


This is awesome to hear, I’m glad they want to make sure we aren’t divided. I wonder if they will release some sort of DLC season pass that includes all future DLC’s? That seems to be a winning tactic nowadays. The true fans can get in with a discounted price and they don’t have to feel like they are buying DLC’s they don’t want.


That’s what I’ve been asking for but nothing confirmed yet


Found it! @MacMan said here that maps will be free, and said here that you don’t need to own a DLC monster to play against it. I would assume the same applies for DLC hunters.


I missed that article, but I hate to hear that people are angry about DLC. How lame would it be if we just dumped a game on you and then buggered off to go make toasters?

We want to support Evolve for a long time.
We want a huge, thriving and active community of players.
We want Evolve to be that game that you can always count on for a fun exciting experience.
Two years from now when some other game you’ve bought lets you down, we want you to be able to come back and play Evolve because it’s still fun as hell!

We want you guys to get tons of enjoyment out of Evolve, our DLC plans are designed to achieve all of these goals.

DLC Buyers Anonymous (A DLC FAQ)

To be honest, if you guys made a TRS toaster, I’d buy 10!


I think the problem is that the concept of DLC has so many different meanings to different people. To some people it’s a way of extending the life of a game by adding new, fun content. But to some people it’s viewed more cynically as a way for a publisher/developer to try and extract more money out of gamers.

I think a big reason for that 2nd, negative perception of DLC is the fact that a lot of publishers/developers have gone about doing DLC in not-so-great ways. I mean, look at the title of this thread. The reason this thread exists is because it’s extremely commonplace in the game industry for a game (especially popular ones like CoD, Battlefield, Halo, etc) to put out DLC relatively shortly after release that does fracture the community. If I’m playing Battlefield 4 with friends and a new expansion comes out, we all have to buy it or else we can’t play together. That may be okay with the more hardcore community, but for people who aren’t super into the game that can often be the point where they just say “Okay, screw this game. I’m moving on to something else.”

All that said, I think that the way you guys are handling DLC is 100% the right way. First off, it’s really obvious to me that you guys have a passion for what you’re doing and any DLC you put out in the future is the result of you wanting to make the game more awesome, not wanting to bathe in a bathtub filled with $100 bills. Second, the fact that I can buy the DLC and still play with all of my friends regardless of whether or not they bought it is huge. HUGE. Honestly, if all developers handled DLC the way you guys are doing it, I think there’d be a lot less hand wringing within the gaming community over it.


Awesome business strategy… claps