Dlc dislikes: Why are people angry about turtle rocks dlc?


I want to know from here why people are whining about the dlc of evolve, is it because people are poor? The monster is an add on? Or because they are just feeding the controversy because i want turtle rock to succeed i want evolve to succeed i payed the season pass because i believe turtle rock will deliver in thier game and its potential for greatness plus i love the monsters and hunters i just dont understand why no one will buy the game because of 15 measly dollars when call of duty and battlefield and other games had maps for 15 dollars or add ons for 20 dollars? On battlefield 4, premiums were for 50 dollars!! What is the issue!! people!!


The main reason? They’re misinformed. Just that. If they knew the truth, they’d love TRS.


BUT people don’t fact check. GGWP world


I feel like TRS did everything possible to be generous in the DLC plan, which 2K has full control over, but 2K’s marketing overshadowed TRS’ efforts in being generous with the free maps and modes.


It’s annoying, really. A guy in IGN comments (don’t ask what I was doing there, lol) was hating on TRS saying that Kraken was OP because he was a paid-DLC Monster. I kid you not.


check for what can you link me? So i can show these misinformed idiots


looool what a donut


Just look… I don’t know, everywhere but here?

2K’s marketing was awful .They did an amazing job with the timed info releases, but the rest? Eh.


Users are complaining because it’s the thing to complain about right now. Some of their complaints are justified though: This is a new IP and previous games which have OP DLC have a generally large user base following them already. Some just want to be cautious; but at the same time they don’t want to remember how much other games have charged for DLC (F2P or not).

If you want an example for how bad the drama is, go read some of the comments for Kotaku’s in progress review.

Honestly, I feel as though a lot of players have been too spoiled by GotY editions and especially from steam sales.


hmmm that does sound like the main reason. Gabe newell has spoiled gamers >:/


i want to press my face against a disc sander…


Don’t do it. You won’t be able to play Evolve! Press somebody else’s face into a disc-sander. Maybe Jim Sterling’s?


lol jim sterling was funny as f**


People are angry because they are a dumb as hell and complain about things that are not even true.


Once you get over the annoyance at a fool turning people off a great product, his stupidity is mildly amusing. Or maybe I’m just weird…


Totally agree with this sentiment. It’s a good point that announcing DLC for an unreleased game with no established credentials would raise some eyebrows. I just don’t understand how it’s to the point that people feel the need to explain their opinion with such vitriol and it’s really depressing to be honest. I don’t even know how Evolve got the bad brunt of it but I think the timing of all the bad AAA releases didn’t help things.

Yeah, I just came back from reading that. The kotaku article was actually the most positive article I’ve seen on the game and that comment section has turned into a cesspool of DLC hate. There’s also a bunch of facts that people are getting wrong or taking out of context.

Probably, some people do think that all those sales have been devaluing games as a product. It’s getting harder to convince people to buy AAA games at full price, even though those AAA games are costing more resources to make.


theres a DLC thread from a long time ago (it will be an official one) that states all maps and game modes are free. Monsters and hunters take about 6 months to develop (once they have an idea/working proto). It also states there will be no segregation (like what titanfall did with maps (and probably every other shooter before it)). so if the monster player has the 4 monster and the 4 hunters dont, they can still play against it.

If anyone spent 5 minutes to look at the DLC plan they’d worship TRS dlc model and make every other game look like a spawn of satan.


im almost certain there has to be some sort of ANTI-EVOLVE campaign going on. I don’t want to believe the ignorance is that high. I guess this is how conspiracies are born, resistance to see how bad something is/refusal to believe (in this case other’s ignorance (lol)).


OK i found what i was looking for. i shoulda been a sleep like an hour ago but i felt this was important.

In that thread you will find all the info you need to fight off the idiots!!!


I read through it months ago. there is an official response from @SlabOMeat in there somewhere confirming and clarifying it.

Its too late for me to check atm though got work in the AM’s


becuase they dont understand

a) the dlc
b) the dlc structure
c) price vs time to develop