DLC destroyed the game


The game just died,Nobody wants to play monster anymore.Monster players have to bleed on the keyboard to win a single game.I dont like bleeding nor waiting endlesly on loading screens.Thank god i havent paid 20 bucks for the DLC.I regret that i paid for this game.Devs dont play it for real so why would i ?Bye bye evolve it was a nice idea but greedy studio killed it.


The publisher makes the prices, not the developer.


Nourishment Gained.


Sorry you didn’t like the game. I love the game, and the dlc I also love to play monster. The game isn’t for everyone.


I still play monster and I don’t bleed…you may wanna see a doctor >~>
Ok jokes aside, it isn’t that bad imo, I still have tons of fun as manster, Goliath is a boss ^-^


I think this is the second topic by the same name today. Spamming? Inaccurate either way.


Where’s that tyrant pic when you need it? @SpaceKittens Remind us all which flavor of ice-cream this guy picked, would you? :wink:


Continues to gain nourishment.


Man, I go take a nap and the game gets destroyed? :s
checks steam.
No, it’s there! :smiley: I was afraid for a second!!!


Shhhhh, lets let them run with it a little, could be humorous ^-^


Exactly. It feeeeeds me.

Hunkers down and begins to evolve to stage 2.


Oh no, we failed to mortally wound it, it just keeps getting stronger ;-;



The beast circles with hunger…WE MUST APPEASE IT WITH A SACRIFICE!

I volunteer @Quirkly


As previously stated somewhere.

I subsist entirely on a diet of doomsayer posts.

And cadbury creme eggs.


Who let you out of ur cage?


Can’t cage the rage.


I can try



Need a new monster here.

“The Rage”
Description: Mortalbound, but a monster.
Attack 1: Rhyme
Attack 2: Rage
Attack 3: Post
Attack 4: Almost-Troll


Attack 4: Almost-Troll would be your strongest attack, damage wise