DLC Complaint


Everyone should take a step back and look at the DLC instead of hitting their insta-complain button. Yes we know the Behemoth is bugged and in fact should not be melted faster than the Wraith, provide actual feedback with your concern instead of ranting (which I’m about to do.) New DLC content just got released, naturally everyone is going to want to play with them as the hype with this game is unreal, so look at it from a wide persepective instead of your monster-hunter tunnel vision war.

  1. You are going to want to play as Behemoth because he is new and exciting, counter to that every Assault player ever is going to want to play Torvald. So instead of complaining and continuing to play as Behemoth which we previously discussed is broken lol, play as the damn Kraken where Torvald is next to useless. Oh you shot mortars at me? Let me just fly real quick. Shotgun? Not an issue against the Kraken.
  2. Saying Slim is OP and should be nerfed is absurd, not only is his healing burst the weakest, fastest, longest range but it can be countered by good monsters. I have seen it. Compare Slim to Caira in a different way. Slim is a smaller artillery shell, can be fired fast and a lot but doesn’t do too much damage and needs to be pretty close. Caira is a heavy artillery shell that does a lot of damage and can be at any range she wants. If you think about it that way, I much rather have someone at a distance bombing me with grenades that can out-heal almost all damage if played right.
  3. Sunny’s jetpack booster, I main Sunny so I know this little trinket doesn’t last too long, even with a 50% capacity increase, it lasts maybe 3-4 boosts a hunter, that’s if I am keeping up, you also have to understand as Sunny you have to choose between deploying a shield drone in appropriate spots, getting damage on the monster and then paying attention to who needs out of combat, it is honestly a very situational aware character.
  4. Crow needs LOS to track monster, without this Gobi is useless, same with Abe’s tracking dart. You need to see an area in order to use it, it’s not like I look at a mountain and throw Gobi through it just to track you. No just no.
    Now I think Behemoth needs changes, not the hunters (except for Torvald maybe) because all these problems seem to arise from Behemoth matches, every match I have played with my team which is all tier 4, I have won all 43 games, yeah that sounds bad but how many of those matches went longer than 5 minutes with the behemoth? None. All the matches with the other monsters were fun and good, lasted around 12-15 minutes like a regular match. Would love to hear other perspectives on this whole DLC spectacle :smiley_cat: