DLC Clarification Please


@MacMan @SlabOMeat will the 5 th Monster and 2 extra hunters in the PC Race edition come to consoles, at least Xbox due to the whole DLC first marketing thing, the same day they are released for PC?


Yes, I am so confused. Would like someone to clarify. Are these 2 additional hunters only for PC?


I’m pretty sure these two hunters ( and the fifth monster ) are not EXCLUSIVE to PC. But the bundle, for now, seems to be.

You can expect to be able to purchase them when they are released-- or perhaps an XB1 Monster Race pack will be announced soon! Who knows.


@SlabOMeat would you so kindly clarify?


No they are not PC exclusive, except the skins that will be for 30 days. Just wondering if they will be day and date with the Xbox at least. Also if there was going to be a Monster Race edition for the Xbox it would have been announced today.


this is what he says


As I understand it, all content will be across all systems, but with different timing. The exclusivity is a little confusing to pick apart, but I believe that it is something like this

Regular Preorder (stacks with all editions): Behemoth and Savage Goliath Skin

Gamestop/AmazonUK preorder: Exterminator skins for markov, val, hank, maggie and daisy, plus regular preorder

Amazon preorder: early tier 2 hunters unlock

Xbox preorder: early tier 3 hunters unlock

Season pass: magma skins for goliath, kraken, wraith, and a 4th set of hunters

Digital delux: combines regular preorder with season pass

PC monster race: regular preorder plus season pass plus Monster 5 plus 2 more hunters plus 4 more monster skins


@MacMan, are the Savage Goliath and Magma skins those 4 mentioned in the Monster skin pack, or are they included with the Monster Expansion Pack and Season Pass


The magma skins for sure! Plus, I just got messages on the other thread confirming savage goliath will be in there.


I think only for Pre-Puchase though… i could be wrong


This is correct - I found it on a separate article after your post in the other thread. There is so much going on, it is easy to lose track! Thanks for getting my back!


Yeah, Evolve hype train is going full steam ahead!


I also have a question. Why is the pricing so ridiculous for dlc? $30 for four hunters, $15 for one monster? That’s really steep. I’m not even excited for future dlc because I will have to take out a second mortgage on my house to be able to afford it all.


And the thing I’m trying to ask about is the timing of everything. Since MS did a deal with 2K for DLC first rights, at least on consoles, I think you can safely say the maps and season pass hunters will be on xbox for probably 30 day before PS4. It’s the timing of the Monster Race characters I’m curious about.

Also big props for TRS taking a stand of everything for everyone eventually.


That I am not sure of yet. If I find an answer, I’ll post it back here immediately!


Ditto also nice new title.


Where have you seen a PC monster race?



The magma skins are part of the season pass :slight_smile: .


exactly! the season pass is bundled with the digital deluxe. It is quite the whirlwind of content! :smiley: