DLC characters not available to play when offline

I have both of the season passes and I am loving all of the new characters, but at the moment I do not have Internet at my house, so when I start up evolve (on ps4) I am not allowed to pick the DLC character at all. They all say that they are available at the store. It makes me upset that I payed money for these hunters and monsters and I can’t play them.

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You can play them online just not offline on consoles. PC doesn’t have this problem and its due to a problem with the servers not being able to connect. PC can connect to the 2k authentication servers I think when offline but consoles cannot so when offline the game treats consoles as if they’ve never purchased the DLC and therefore cannot play them.

Not really sure why though .-.

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This was poosted july 25th so may be outdated but


Now hold on a min. I don’t have internet at my parents house (where I’m living at the moment) and I currently own both hunting season passes now but before this issue I had the first season hunting pass and behemoth that I bought when I used a friends I ternet and I was able to access all 5 characters offline. But on the 15th of August( this month) I had the 1.05 update to download and I bought the second season pass. I didn’t play it while I was there tho. I got home and ran the game offline and I was first greeted with a terms and conditions with one dated in July and another dated in August and I found that weird because I was never encountered this while online or even offline before so I accepted it and went to play my characters and every single one of my docs was locked. So I thought it was from the terms and conditions not being able to register it online so the next week I went to my buddies I connected and played evolve online there and everything was good. I got home and again they were locked. This past weekend I was again at my buddies house and I deleted the app and.ran it through with the updates and same thing happened again even when I took the eithernet cable out. I was still greeted with the terms and conditions offline and still had my DLC locked and no access to my skins. Somehow I manage to have jack available offline and I went to the psn store of evolve and not the store you can go to in the game and clicked Install and it shows up as the only “add-ons” on my thing…this is really upsetting…if I can’t lvl up and improve my characters to elite offline I should have access and play the DLC I bought and I believe this latest update had something to do with this because I had no problems with DLC offline till I had this last update of theirs

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