DLC character try before you buy?


This seems to be something that would be hard to implement, but I think it would really help boost DLC sales if people would be able to do like a free trial of any new DLC characters. I’d really like to hear from the devs on this


Should be possibly cod does it with there map packs for one weekend shortly after release


I don’t know if it’s all that difficult necessarily. Access to characters, from an integrity point of view, needs to be managed from a central server where your ID can be verified against a listed purchase. During a “free weekend” or “try before you buy” you would either flag all attempts to access a character as a success for a time period, or you would have some note on your central system as to number of minutes/number of games played with the character before the try before you buy quota is achieved.

That said, I’d like to hear if they’ve got plans for this or not :slight_smile:


Agree in this age not difficult at all as DLC is suppose to be plug and play.

Turn off authentication for 24-48hrs then turn it on, no code no character.

Or make trial server/environment.


I think it would work really well for those who don’t want every character, or to see if a bundle would be worth it. I plan on buying all the characters anyways, so this is only something I think might be helpful.


Yeah even if it does happen I would still buy all characters regardless because I do want a good mix of characters I can choose from which are quite well balanced and. . .NEW VOICE LINES! xD

But offering a trial to those who would like to test out new characters first is a fantastic idea which I would love to see implemented. Games like TF2 offer this with some of their weapons, you can rent them out from the in-game store and use them in-game for a certain period of time which is pretty neat. Me? I just prefer to be patient and wait until I get said weapon in a random drop eventually!

Either way I wouldn’t mind trying out a trial for each and every new character, it sounds great!


Save em from hyping we’ll be the judges on release day. Community love will sell it for them. Perhaps a “Season Pass” perk.


One of the devs said that they’d love to have it and while I would too, the reason why it might not happen at all is because you have to download them to try them as opposed to just boot them up immediately in the game. If someone like @MacMan could confirm this that’d be grand, as I think it was he who said it originally.


I would have thought everyone would have to download them all anyway because your game has to play with other people who might be using them. It has to recognise, render and respond to characters and creatures you don’t have access to.


That was kind of my thoughts as well, but maybe not. I was thinking about how War Thunder allowed you to try out premium planes before purchasing, but I didn’t think about downloading the character being how you get them…


Just out of curiosity, is War Thunder a PC-only title? If so, is it browser based or do you have to download it and play it from a client? If the latter is the case it’ll come into my observations.

With the unfortunately shut down Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes (a MOBA, not to be confused with the MMO Age of Reckoning), that game was played from the desktop and could be patched via the client. That had premium characters which could be tried on “free weeks” and whatnot without the need to download the character info; how that worked I’ve no idea. As I’ll be playing on Xbox One, I’m not sure if that would impact the downloading of new character data or patches, whereas on PC I can imagine it would be possible to give characters a trial run.

It’s quite curious and in a way I can’t see why it shouldn’t be done. If the excuse was along the lines of “people won’t buy it if they don’t like it”, then I’d have to ask if it’s OK to sell something people don’t like without giving enough info? Then again, what constitutes as enough info? And in the digital world getting refunds is a difficult process on some platforms.

If there’s going to be a multitude of additional characters added to the store especially individually, I reckon there ought to be a trial mode if it’s at all possible.


Actually, I play it on ps4. No idea about PC although I think u download it. They only released it on ps4 like 2 months ago but it’s been on PC for years now


Interesting. I sure hope it’s possible to try characters before you buy them in that case! ^^


It’s a good idea. Maybe have a trial of three games of Hunt?


Don’t worry bout the technical aspect, worry about whether the options suits us all. Let them iron out the technical side that’s what why u pay for DLC.

Another upside is the impluse buy. You try it, u like it, u buy it to try again.


@MacMan @SlabOMeat any thoughts on trying this?


That’s true but it can also work the other way around; I’ve seen so many people say not just with DLC but entire games that because they got burnt once, they won’t ever bother again. In Wrath of Heroes I bought any new characters on their release day when I’d played for three months because I loved what they did, and wasn’t let down once. There were characters that were left to gather dust on occasion, but I still enjoyed all the time I had with them. I’m willing to give Evolve’s characters a handful of chances; no matter the price model I can probably afford to do so, but others might not be as fortunate and their tolerances will vary.

Impulse buys can work and I’m living proof of that, but it’s uncertain that Evolve can deliver with its characters. In a world where Aliens: Colonial Marines exists impulse buys can be as good as they can be volatile, encouraging great or scummy practices. I still see no downside to a try before you buy, so you’re certain you’ve at least had fun at some point rather than gamble. ^^