DLC can now be played on ALL PLATFORMS!


DLC update has now went live on all platforms!

Edit: Some of the users have reported that they are having problems with accessing DLC on Xbox One/PlayStation 4. TRS is working on it.

7.1 GB Update PC! :D
Xbox one update is live!
DLC Not working for Xbox 1
Evolve is patching for me.. Asia region! 7GB
DLC ? Release date?
Evolve is patching for me.. Asia region! 7GB

So this is preload for new Hunters/Monster?


Indeed is! Or wait… Will give you an update in 20 minutes after it downloads :smile:


q.q that size for 5 characters


It’s the DLC pre-loading, nothing more. Still, glad it’s out the way early!


The audio alone will be a big chunk…


That’s so huge lol 7GB. 4th hunter and behemoth, and Maps may be included. I think Maps just ain’t unlocked yet.


Maps will be out in April.


I think that’s the case. Four Hunters, Behemoth, two maps.


They might still be in, but behind a timegate. Doubt it though because hackers could get in and access them.


No, he means they’re letting you download them now and they unlock for us later. :smile:

I think.


Thx for translating lol.


Don’t forget about Observer Mode and the St Patrick challenge skins…


Hehehe, you know what this reminds me of?

Downloading the Bug Alpha back in October. Good times. :smile:


@THISaint When you’re finished downloading, can you please tell us if you can actually do anything new? :stuck_out_tongue: My internet is slooooooooooooooooooooooooooow today. :confused:


10 minutes and 46 seconds! :smiley:


Patched and loading now


The hype is real.

Next minute…bug fixing patch. :laughing:



Kaze says on Steam forums:

Just tested it. The DLC is availble now. You can play the behemoth and new hunters.


i can confirm this :smiley: