DLC availability?


Is there actually any DLC out yet? I know there was some with different pre-orders. I had the pre-order content and the Monster skin.
Also like the Season pass, can you buy that separately?

People may say I needed to buy the season pass from the start… but just curious…


The only DLC out right now is weapon skins and monster skins, cosmetic stuff. Yes the season is a separate purchase that can be made at any time. You don’t need it from the start, but if you were to buy it now you would get the Magma skin set for the monsters right now, and the 4 hunters when they are released later.


You can buy the season pass seperatly or even the charecters seperatly once release. As for is any DLC out yet, only the skins (eg magma skins for the monster race buyers). Behemoth i suspect will be released ) along with some free maps in 1-2 months from release


dam you bet me to the post


Behemoth will be much sooner than that. I would not be surprised if we got him in the first week of march.