DLC and Behemots (PreOrder and Deluxe XboX)


Hello everybody

I don’t understand something ? I’ve bought the Deluxe Edition of Evolve to get the Hunting Pass and Pre Ordered the game to get the Behemot free

We are the 2 of April, I’m just looking everybody playing behemot etc, and I’ve preordered the game and paid the high price to get everything after everybody…

Look your support answer :

I’ve bought the game in special edition where i got the new monster for free
but actually it’s not unlocked …
Please check it

Hello there, Hunter!
Thank you for contacting 2K Support and thank you for your question as well.
We apologize for any confusion created. We just released a new patch for Evolve: the actual DLC including the four new hunters and Behemoth will come later. We would like to take the time to thank you for your incredible support and the enthusiasm you have shown towards Evolve… truly this game would not be as fun without you guys.
If you have any other questions, please let us know.
In the meantime, hunt with pride!
Molly L.
2K Support

Copy/Paste Support ? It Really makes no sense …

Really I want my behemots and the hunting pass, I’ve paid something I want what I paid for !
It’s really incredible !



The 2K Support is…less than stellar. We’ll leave it that.

When you say they aren’t unlocked, could you elaborate? What does it say when you try and select them?


Try this:

Go to ‘My Games and Apps’ and press ‘Menu’ on Evolve, then go to ‘Manage Game’. On the right should be a list of items (Tier 4 Hunters if you bought the Hunting Season Pass and Behemoth if you pre-ordered) that are ready to install. You can install them from there.

Hope this helps. :smile:

Let us know if this works please.


Jedi Warrior

You’re the best ! It’s working now !

Man post a job to 2K they must engage you ! You’re the best !

Emails at 2kSupport, 3 days no resolved
And here a Regular user just saved my life :smiley:

Thanks dude a lot !!

Loves You Guys !


Haha no problem, glad I could help. Thanks for the kind words.

Happy Hunting. :smile:


Yea brother this was a pain for me as well. But a few of us on the forums here know the secrets of the box… You can just say we’re kind of like Jedi… :smirk:


Yes, masters of the Xbox, a force to be reckoned with. :stuck_out_tongue:


Luke… don’t get me started on the star wars puns…


Sith > Jedi…


Ah come on, Obi Wan more.

I sense a disturbance in the force, as if this thread is going off topic. :grinning:


Sithy Rabbit, tricks are for Jedi.


Anikin’t believe you are going to make me do this…


You guys are Starkilling me here…


Sorry… It’s a trap.


I wish Customer Support would be reading the forums. :confused:


That would be ideal.


I feel like the forums are customer support :sunglasses:


You certainly get a faster reply.


I understand that some info are only available to the ones who can feel the forces around them :stuck_out_tongue:

But even reading Evolve website etc, 2k Support tickets etc, I’ve never find an explanation as simple as Jedi_Warrior did,

I take it like a trap to buy even if you’re already purschased a special version… like when you make a credit and see +10$ for this or for this added without you wanted.

Now everything is cool :slight_smile: so no problems, but Evolve team or 2k Support should post something you can be viewed by people to find the solution of the issue

I think I’m not the only one, I know Google is my friend, but Google is Free… instead of 89$ for a game…

Best Regards Guys