DLC 1 Understanding


Ok so what I still dont understand is why doesnt the Hunting season 1 not come with behemoth but #2 does??? I mean I bought it before the price change and to pay for the difference, I get skins??? Really I rather get the behemoth.


Wait, we get the fifth monster with the second hunter seasons pass? I never knew that.




Umm have you had your routine check up today? Something seems off…



Wait, so the fifth monster isnt in the 2nd seasons pass? Im confused now :confused:


Fifth monster is indeed part of the season pass


Its not hating when you know its true…


Thats great, I didnt even bother checking before because I assumed it wasnt.


But it’s not :wink:


Is a double negative


You know I love this game! I wouldnt hate without a good reason.


But you calling them greedy because the pricing was a bit (a lot) off is just wrong.


What would you propose?


For what???


The reason that Behemoth wasnt included in DLC 1


Ok let me clarify… In the fine print for the hunting season pass 2, it says 4 new hunters and a new monster by march 2016…


Behemoth (you) was a big freakin job, it (you) probably cost more money than it (you) should of. Now that they’re “settled” they’re probably able to include the fifth monster in the pass.
inb4 flame war


Someone in the Twitch chat said it would be before.


I thought it was because bob was a pre-order item. :confused:
Wouldn’t want to make people pay for him again just to get the hunters. (Unless they bought them all seperately, but that would cost more.)