DJ Khaled Appreciation Thread


I’ve decided to make a thread to share our love with our favourite fool, DJ Khaled.

You smart. You loyal. I appreciate that.

Win win win no matter what.

Another one.

And remember…

We the best!

Put the hinges in the boys hand…





u wot m8

@LordDerp get a load of this.


His Snapchat game is strong. But I can’t say I am a huge fan but I love 365!


I prefer Kanye West over Khaled. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh not this guy…


It’s an American thing, its just this guy who acts like a fool and “inspires” people by showing his material items.


Ahh, that explains why… But Jev is an Aussie o.O


I have no idea how even knows about this guy then. I wish I didn’t .






We fucking Aussies.

We know about this shit.

We mainstream.

We the best.

Unlike you.

But you you smart.

You loyal.

I appreciate that.



What did I just watch? And did he quote Galaxy Quest?! lol

Seems like a guy I never want to meet in real life because I’d spend the entire time correcting his grammar :confused: