Division points - Det ranks = no points lost



I think we should have a system where elites playing in teams with det rank players would not lose points, no matter how the game ends. Atm losing points when playing with det ranks , causes a few problems.

  1. New players have harder time finding a game, because other players with ranks dont want to play with them, and queue dodge.
  2. New players end up being matched up with other det ranks, and usually go against master/elite monsters and get butchered.
  3. There is no-one to tutor new players, and they end up quitting due to long waiting times, and hopeless matches.
  4. Elite players lose points even though they themselves did their best.

If playing with det ranks had guaranteed +points for elites, regardless of game outcome then it would solve all those problems.
Elites would be willing to play with det ranks, because, they can only gain points, and det ranked players would get a tutor + better chance to win.


The Determining Rank thing is just a thing to show that people haven’t played many games yet. However behind all that they do have a rank, that fluctuates heavily after each game.

As for people who are ranked already and not losing points… People make alternate accounts through family sharing. Your suggestion would only lead to more abuse of this system. Since there is no way to indicate whether a player is truly new, or just on an alternate account, I personally am fully against this.


Well, allow one evolve account per steam account.
If someone wants to cheat and create more accounts it would cost them 30$ per account, and…they soon would lose their det rank status, and would have to buy again.


You clearly don’t understand how family sharing works.


This is a real issue about ranking system . Sometimes you can’t get away with bronze .people play in pre-made and this how they climb the ladder they couldn’t do without

I just don’t see the solution .

I think rank points should be based on :

1- Skill of the player
2- teamwork skill / dodge / shield or heal / less strikes

3- win / loss

Rank is about fighting against the same skill / rank to have an enjoyable / fair match . Win some lose some . Reward is part of it . The more skill you /your team have the higher the rank you should reach


People should have a minimum requirement of time spent on the game before they’re allowed to enter Ranked. BAM! Problem solved, and no one needs to be penalized for using multiple accounts through family sharing.


That’s not a bad idea. It would help people to get the hang of the game, but how long is long enough?

And do you go by time or matches played?


There’s a level system in place for a reason. One of the unlockables should be being allowed to play Ranked mode. By the time most players get to level 25/30 they’ll be able to grasp the basics. They might already have elited one or two characters, or unlocked the next tier.