Diversity in Evolve


This is so dang cool. I love a good lore, and I can already tell Evolve is going to knock my socks off. I loved the bucket/maggie conversation from the gamespot teaser - so much was said with so much character in so little space. I’m quite impressed.


Man, I was just about thinking of making a post just similar to this but you beat me to it. I like that they gave Maggie West African heritage, but the time I heard her I mistook her accent for Caribbean


They tried to do an accent but it never worked, so there’s all-new Maggie VO where she talks with a neutral English accent.


Please tell me you guys and 2K have already talked to Dark Horse about publishing an Evolve artbook.


Oh, I guess that explains. I only asked because she somewhat sounded like me and my relatives :smile:


I love this thread. Nicely initiated @Nasir_Deen :smile:

I have to say, when I went to Turtle Rock to interview they took me on the typical tour of the studio. When I saw the concept art for the Hunters on the wall my brain yelled at me “oh gods, I have to work here!”

Even though I’m still relatively new, it’s really exciting to see you all discovering the little details of this game and enjoying them.


That is really nice writing and makes them very human.

Are you TRS only writer!? That’s gotta be a LOT of dialogue to write lol.

EDIT: The idea of Earth being the “super elite” is also a nice idea. As @Probably says; it’s almost always an “ABANDON EARTH!” scenario. Even in one big IP where it’s extremely central (Tera is religious center in Warhammer 40k) it’s still relatively a dump unless you live in the nicer parts.


Diversity is an old,old wooden ship so I’m not sure how this could become a hunter…


While diversity is awesome the stereotypical assumptions aren’t. On another thread (no offense to the OP) there was made mention of a Native American hunter character with a Bald Eagle robotic “Maggie” and a tomahawk weapon. I suppose he should say “Hau” too?


1st of all, what the hell are you talking about.

Second of all, why are you bringing that up here?

That’s not even a thing in the game.

Killing vibes dude, killing vibes.

People are so ready to start fires for no reason nowadays.


WOAH WOAH WOAH!!! THERE ARE NPC’S NOW!!! I thought Evolve had a Menu you just clicked through to get into a game and equip what you’d like… Ok, time to call in Evolve’s Sherlock, @Plaff. Unless @MacMan, @SlabOMeat, or @Matthew would like to explain this further?


While they’re randomly managing diversity, it’s good that, that diversity isn’t including typical stereotypes along the way.


I have an idea what this could be, but if it is what I’m thinking then I don’t really wanna say as it’s something Turtle Rock should talk about first


Am I the only one who thinks @Plaff breaks in to TRS every night to find the latest information? TBH, if I lived in Cali, that is EXACTLY what I would be doing :stuck_out_tongue:


Quit holding out on us Plaff. If it wasn’t for the fact that seem to dig up stuff that even leaves the devs scratching their heads, I’d say you were being a troll. Anyone else but you


Well you’re here to save the colonists, man. That means you gotta have colonists to save.


I’m not trolling, man. I just have my own idea about a certain part of the game. There’ll be a time when we find out if it is real and that’s when I can say I knew it first :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s why I said it’s different with you. The thing is that you get a lot of these ideas and you never tell us and it drives me mad lol. I’m already an Evolve junkie desperate for his next informational fix lmao. But yeah the “I knew it” feeling is pretty awesome, like how I called rockets as a support weapon.


I’ve already written what I think a certain part of the game will be on my phone, with the date it was written above it. Just in case I’m actually right :slight_smile: