Diversifying Nest


Been playing a lot of Nest recently and think that the monster should be able to randomly hatch minion Krakens (medium-long range, weaker (damage-wise) than minion Goliaths) and minion Wraiths (higher damage, less health than minion Goliaths) along with the minion Goliaths. I feel that this should be Nest specific and not effect other game modes with minions (ex. Defend)


TRS has already said that they won’t be doing this because of the way the monsters behave, Krakens aren’t brawlers like goliaths are…


Well thanks for informing me.


That said, I guess they could still mix it up with adaption minions?


a 1 in a million chance for Meteor Goliath minions in Nest or Defend. i love it.

Tagging @Insane_521 because i think he’d get a kick outta the idea


Barely anyone plays nest, so I don’t think it’d be worth their time.


I suppose the idea applies to Defend as well though.


I’d agree if the Krakens don’t fly all the time. I say once they get half health, they go on the ground and stay there until 10% health. Plus, the cooldown times would need to be increased for their respawn as 3 Krakens flying and shooting is OP. Wraith having lower health is okay, though her physical damage would need to be increased by maybe…125% or slightly less depending on how little health she has. I’d say that only to Hunters though. Not the power generators. Also, I do wish that, in a theoretical Evolve 2, there’d be less emphasis on minions and turrtets and more on smaller servant species for the Monsters and Ebonstar soldiers for the Hunters. That’d make it feel more like a real war.


I’ve always thought this idea would be fun.
I always feel bad for my little adopted Goliaths when I’m Behemoth, I love them like they’re my own but they shouldn’t be dying for me. They’re so young and ignorant. :cry:


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