Distinguishing winstreaks?


What I mean is that, can we have two separate winstreaks for Hunters/Monsters? The issue is, for example, I was playing Goliath. And I was doing well enough, building up a streak. I got to-

-this, and then one more win. It was 19 wins. I was excited to get to twenty and keep going, of course.

But then-

-I was forced into playing Hunter. As Support, a class I’m not fantastic at. We had a new Caira, and needless to say we lost. And my winstreak was broken.

I’ve now built it back up to eighteen again, and I’m hoping I don’t get hunter. But if the winstreak was monster and hunter segregated, I would be on about thirty five to thirty six in a row.

Please don’t mistake this for bragging, I’m not. Half these players are new and it’s really just luck insofar, but it’s still satisfying. And I’m sure good players are disappointed when their streaks die because they’re forced into Hunter.

If instead it would change- so when I go to Hunter, it’s an entirely separate streak, and when I go back to monster my current streak is restored- it would be much better, in my opinion.

It’s really not a huge deal though.

And finally I’d just like to congratulate all of the devs on this one. It feels like a whole new game, but still the same one. If that makes sense.


Victorious last round as monster/hunter

I’d also like to see winstreaks become less fragile. I’ve had some games bug out and kick me from the lobby and I lose my WS. If you leave the game, it should also save your winstreak for the next time you play.



I disagree on this point, because that would reward rage quitters. No one would play the match to completion, as soon as they started loosing they would disconnect to preserve their win streak. We saw this in original Evolve for the first few patches when disconnects weren’t counted as losses on the leaderboards.



Nof if there was a way to cancel the winstreak if they left the game. Even if they alt+f4 or shut off their computer.

But a small connection kick is complete BS. I can’t get above a 5 winstreak because of a bug that kicks me from the lobby. Weather the connection is lost or the lobby glitches, it’s too fragile to lose it.



I’ve been surprisingly lucky in that I’ve had very few crashes. I didn’t even consider this aspect.

Come to think of it, yes, winstreaks are quite fragile I suppose.

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There’s your problem! Stop getting it wet and it won’t DC on you! :joy:

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It’s 4 am here, haven’t slept all night because I’m depressed that Emet got hit with a massive nerf…

My spelling isn’t great atm.



Emet got nerfed? When?

And speak of the devil, I got to a 23 winstreak-

-then I lost connection to host and I think I have lost the streak now. Ah well.

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His healing is watered down, but in exchange his Healburst has a 5 second or so CD, but the Healburst only heals 1/2 of a bar of health. His healing buoys are also very easy to destroy.

It’s impossible for him to heal now, because he needs to throw a buoy, spam Healburst, and mitigate all at the same time.

It’s like Slim + Caira + Laz, only a living nightmare came out of it.

I’m really depressed over it…

Edit: also lol, FuckIWannaDie in the video. Describes be right now.

I might make a video on why Emet is a joke now.



Half a bar as in half of the whole bar or half a bar as in half of one of the segments? Because that’s still very big. And if it’s five seconds, even better.

I’ve always used Emet by throwing Buoys and using them to healburst, really. The AOE is negligible to me.




So that top bar, only 1/2. Per health burst. That you need to spam every 5 seconds. While moving around, mitigating…

Now I was an Emet main before Stage 2, so I played him damn well.

But now, all of the problems lie in a mess.

  • spamming Healburst every 5 seconds or so in uncomfortable and a great way to develop carpal tunnel syndrome, a gamers worst nightmare.

  • constantly needing to throw buoys, whereas amazingly placed buoys means less throwing.

  • can’t self-heal if focused.

It’s all of those problems combined.

When I get home from my trip tomorrow I’ll see if I can make a video explaining why Emet is bad now.



Oh. That’s a little pathetic.

They seem to have their head in the game well this time though. And considering the speed they’ve been patching, I have faith that they will balance him well soon enough. That is a pity though, I liked Emet. His lines are arguably the funniest in the game.

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It’s just too much going on with Emet. He has to do 3 thing successfully to heal a fraction of health.

Coming from an Emet main, he is not playable.