Distillery...the Water


Did anyone else ever look out there and…see something? I didn’t catch sight of all of it but…I’m pretty sure I saw something enormous out there…the tail of something…and that tail was larger than a tyrant…I only saw it once x: and it was all shadow underneath the water…beyond the border markers… Maybe I was just hallucinating as I did only see it once and it was like 4 am but still…

The Development of Evolve

Could be a canyon eel? Probably something to enforce not going out of bounds. We do know that there are some “situational” wild life out there.


It’s operation Cloverfield and it’s classified.


No idea, did not see it myself.



I swear I saw it though T^T I spent the rest of the alpha looking for it during down times T^T


xD it was the loch ness monster?


I have plenty of videos of me stalking the coast of that beach, I’ll have to keep an eye out. It would be a cool easter egg if there was ‘something’ out on Shear that even the monsters were scared of :smiley:


Oooh, riveting! I never did try to continue to leave the territory…didn’t seem “stopped” though when I got close. I wonder if something would stop us if we tried…most interesting!



What did it look like? If it looked like a Tyrant or Blitz leopard, It’s probably a bug.

If it had a seperate model… It may be one of the situational wildlife @MacMan was talking about. I doubt it though, probably a bug.


The hell is situational wildlife >.>

And like I said, I’m pretty sure I didn’t see all of it, just a tail. Saw it around the part um…if you’re standing on the building north of the relay looking towards the relay, to the left out between the rock formations out there.


The Situational Wildlife are in @MacMan’s Words

I know one sit wildlife is called a Phantom, and they are hard to hit apparently


Interesting…that mean I spotted one? O.o


Or maybe they spotted you? spooky music plays


So if a giant sea monster shows up does it turn in to hunter & monster co-op?



A boss battle in a boss battle?


What if Shear is the boss D:


Like this?


Whatev dude one hit ko, procede to pick up coins for 1up , easy game