Distillery Map Abuse, can't fit under building as stage 3 goliath


Screenshot of said location:

I got to stage 3 goliath with full health and was unable to attack any hunters who hid where I am in the screenshot. The only skills that would damage them were flamebreath. Unfortunately this spot was also near the relay, so the support would hide in here then pop out to shoot me if I went for the relay or his teammates. Eventually all of the hunters went to this spot since they figured out I couldn’t hit them at all.

I tested in single player, and stage 1 can get in this spot just fine, but stage 3 goliath is stopped by those metal barriers. Edit: tested in single player, only lvl 1 and 2 rock can consistently damage the back wall area where Caira is hiding in the screenshot. Lvl 3 rock is too big and easily clipped / blocked by the surrounding stuff but I think there is a very small misleading area you can aim to hit.

Current list of PC bugs (2/21/2015)
Distillery Building by the Relay

This is really funny but also really sad. Poor stage 3 Goliath is unable to break through wood / small metal barriers. Definitely needs to be fixed.


Leap Smash, Charge, Rock Throw, and Flame Breath all have an AoE hit. You should be able to hit all of them. Leap Smash, and Rock Throw are both AoE radial, and thus can hit enemies through objects.


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charge is stopped by the barrier, leap smash is also stopped by the barrier. I don’t think you realize how deep this spot is. I just tested rock throw, and only lvl 1 and 2 can consistently fit through the tiny window you need to aim through. The level 3 rock is too big, meanwhile you’re getting shot at by 4 hunters. Even if you land a rock, caira can just burst heal and aoe heal her team. I’m not gonna change my skill build just so I can kill hunters abusing this spot (lvl 3 flamebreath + lvl 2 rock). I don’t even know if that’s enough damage to burst through caira + hank. If the rock clips any of the sides you’re fucked.


This is a cheese spot that forces them into a stationary point if you are unable to kill them then you have multiple options to pursue depending on the situation.

  1. Multiple people hiding under it? Back up so you can aim easier. Again Leap Smash, and Rock Throw are radial so you can aim it in front of them, and still get damage.

  2. Only medic under? Try to throw other hunters away from the area so they get less reliant heals. Breaking LOS is huge in Evolve.

  3. Only support? Depending on the support you can usually just hide from them, or focus other teammates. Hank and his shield stage 3 are pretty worthless, and will not block a Leap Smash + Rock Throw on a hunter.

  1. Because backing up totally negates the fact that a medic can heal faster than you can damage.

  2. So a Lazarus in this spot can’t cloak and stealth revive other hunters in the meanwhile? And if you just evolved to Stage 3, the hunters could’ve already taken a foothold in that spot.

  3. Because a rock throw doesn’t work there if it’s level 3 and a leap smash won’t inflict any damage whatsoever.

Did you even read the thread?


The fact of the matter is at stage 3 if they hide here they don’t have sight on the power relay. You shouldn’t be fighting them here.


Please don’t talk about what works when you haven’t actually tested it.


Taskforce please read what the OP is trying to say. His point is valid and he also said it is close to the relay so apparently he cannot pressure them to get out via generator nor kill them outright there because the skills just throw dust.

I didnt try the spot myself, but seeing the screenshot it seems obvious to me, that a leapsmash to the sides of the building or in front of it will do nothing. Maybe a long range rockthrow might go in just barely on the right side.

Devs get this fixed.


Actually, the fact stated by the OP was that it was easy to jump out a bit and target the relay and withdraw again, which is plenty to give an unfair advantage to hunters from that spot.


I never even realized that that building had an interior O_o