Distillery Generator Easy to Defend


So I was playing as the monster, enemies had 3 points of auto balance on their side, to be fair.
Didn’t even chase me, got to stage 3 in 3 minutes flat. They camped the generator.
Had full hp and armor.
Markov set up landmines on top of the generator (one of the few if not the only generator with a roof), so I essentially couldn’t go after the hunters without taking massive damage. Tried flame breathing them a few times but they’d never all break. Weren’t really any good angles for rocks, plus rocks only ever seem to break 1 mine for some reason.

So I figured, hey, go for the people on the ground. (Which it probably would have been an easy cheese for them to all go up top)

Val Tranqing me made it so they could just constantly run circles around the parked spaceship on the dock. I dunno I may have been able to win if I sat back doing literally nothing but throw rocks but it just seemed like such an easy cheese considering I wrecked them so bad all the other games.

Honestly just Val or Markov by themselves would have probably made it impossible for me to get them.

Dunno I could just be salty, I’d need a game with no auto-balance to compare it too, though I think the only difference that would make is the game would have gone slightly longer.


Some maps are good for monsters or hunters in the chase, and bad for hunters or monsters at the relay. Gotta play to the map man.


I was at full armor and hp though, I can’t think of anything I could have done besides maybe just try to constantly throw rocks. Coulda maybe looked for a different albino buff but I’m not sure any would have helped more than speed boost in that situation.


Oh, I understand. That ship sucks. So clippy. But a tactic might have been to just make a hole in the mines and tank it anyway. Obviously you were against a rather good team. Live and learn. Play and evolve? A big thing though is to remember what map you are going into and how a generator fight may play out. It may have been smarter to go at them stage two, maybe look for pick offs, etc. Avoid relay as much as possible maybe.


Distillery is a very unfriendly monster map, even as a wraith moving around can be an issue.