Dissapointed with Splitscreen Support


Hello! Recently I’ve just bought Evolve on the Xbox One, and thus, far, I’ve been enjoying every moment of it. The game is beautiful, the gameplay is great and fun, the graphics awesome, and the game is also stable. Outside of an initial hiccup with the matchmaking, I’ve been very pleased.

However I do have a very major complaint. I am extremely dissapointed in the lack of split screen support in the game, enough so that I’m very tempted to ask for a refund. I do NOT pay $60 of good, hard earned money to find out that I cannot play online with a coop game split screen with my fiance. We play through everything together, Halo, Borderlands, etc, and we’re both very upset that we cannot do the same with Evolve.

As such, I would like to make a feature request to include split screen support in a future update.

Thank you.


Although I would love splitscreen, I get the sense that it’s not feasible technically. ::stuck_out_tongue:


It’s not happening. In addition, if you’re planning to spend “good hard earned money”, how about you research the product a little more? No where did they ever say it was supported, like almost every other game out there.


Maybe do some research before buying next time.


This has been mentioned MANY times.

The addition of Splitscreen would cause them to have to cut down on graphics, wildlife, plant life, that kind of stuff. It’s just not technically feasible.

Personally, I HATE splitscreen. It annoys and confuses me.


I actually did research it. On its own, Evolve would had never sold me on buying the game. What sold me on the game was the reviews; I liked what I saw, and what attracted me to the game was potential strategy involved (I am not dissapointed on that).

Researching technical issues, such as the lack of split screen, is not something people typically research, because it’s a gameplay aspect that is expected; what people will research are topics related to gameplay itself. And yes, almost every shooter I’ve played supports it.

I also don’t buy “it’s not feasible technically.” As a programmer myself, I’m perfectly aware of the technicality. Splitscreen is nothing more than creating two camera objects that are members of the “pawns” or “actors,” depending on what terminology you want to use. In all reality, “not feasible technically” is nothing more than an excuse.


So what company do you work for? Since you know what goes into making splitscreen in Evolve? I am no expert like you but I feel like every game is different. Also it is becoming more and more typical these days that games do not have split scree co-op so doing research on it would be smart.


Splitscreen… What a joke !



How exactly is splitscreen a joke?



Stop living in the 2000’s. Not every game has splitscreen anymore. Do your research.

I do like splitscreen, though :smiley_cat:


I don’t know about you, but I always check how many players a game supports, including local and remote multiplayer.


Dude split screen is a dying feature in the world of gaming, sorry but you’re not getting a refund :frowning: I’m a child of the 90’s I remember when couch co-op was your only option for multiplayer cause people preferred seeing each other back then xD (even though online multiplayer was starting to come about on PC late 90s… Mech warrior was my favorite… Ah the memories)


You know what you’re right. Adding splitscreen would be great. It definitely wouldn’t cause them to cut down the high resolution graphics or take out wildlife that would be harder to spot with splitscreen and then add it back in when your not in splitscreen.

It’s not really expected. Also,if splitscreen is something you really enjoy,you probably should have looked up if a game with high amounts of dangerous wildlife and monsters that slink around the map,attempting to avoid you at any cost until they’re ready to fight,would include this dying feature.


It’s sad to see splitscreen die. Gaming should bring people closer, people you actually know closer. Common sense. “Games” are fun and competitive. It is really dumb how I can play games easier with strangers than friends. 90s kid here but you know what? Back then, gaming was done right. 90s “I finally unlocked everything in the game” today " I finally purchased everything as dlc and i play with no friends in my house, you can watch me play with strangers though." yeah dissapointing


Two camera objects have to render all the objects in the environment, which means that we’re drawing two scenes instead of one. But the computer is calculating the position of all players, wildlife activity, as well as all the plants, hi-res textures and everything.

Don’t pretend that adding two camera objects wouldn’t increase the load on an Xbox One dramatically. It would, and the devs have said many times that if splitscreen had been possible, they would have added it.


N64 splitscreen for life! My N64 could handle splitscreen why not todays stuff? Shush, It’s a rhetorical question.


two second investigation


But, if they offer split screen your friends don’t have to buy their own copies to play with you. I suspect the blame for this, just like the blame for the ridiculous DLC set up, should be on 2K and not Turtle Rock.

It’s quite an asshole-ish move, but that’s becoming more and more common with the big publishers. I’ve done texture work before, and the cost in work hours put into the skins don’t come anywhere close to justifying what they’re charging, or even charging for them at all. With the exception of the season pass - and that’s still questionable - all the rest of the DLC should have been included in the game as unlockables.

Turtle Rock, bravo for making a fun - if sometimes frustrating - game.

2K, go fuck yourself sideways with a running chainsaw.


Just to clarify, so you people get an idea of just how badly you’re being ripped off on cosmetic DLC, changing the texture on most characters takes very little time once the base texture has been created, especially if they planned for multiple skins in advance and created a general template to work from. Even if you’re using all sorts of shaders, bump maps, etc. it wouldn’t take very long. If it’s just a color change or adjustment it could be done in minutes. If the new skin has a different surface texture (bumpy, scaled, cracked, etc.) and requires a new bump map, this can also be done relatively quickly. Unfortunately, the talented people who do this texture work don’t usually get paid nearly as much as they ought to, but lets just assume they’re making around $25/hour. It would cost the company between $25 and $50 depending on the complexity of the texture to have a variation made. Of course, there’s all sorts of overhead involved, space, utilities, hardware, software, etc., but even if this doubles the cost you’re only looking at $50 to $100. Of course, there are also marketing costs, distribuution, etc., but these cost a small fraction of the total sales.

So, if you have only 100,000 people buy a skin, costing around $3, you get around $300,000 for what cost you a few hundred, plus a small percentage of that in marketing, distribution, etc. This is fucking absurd.

If they only charged $1 they’d still make $100,000, which is a pretty nice profit, and far more reasonable, although quite frankly ALL of the currently available DLC should have been included in the game, which although a lot of fun, lacks the content to justify the $60 price tag.

Once again I’ll say bravo TR for making an original and fun game, but 2K really needs to go fuck themselves. It is especially telling that the previous publisher, THQ I believe, was pricing the game at only $30, which would have been a much more reasonable price for the content.


I don’t have the PC version, but if someone could extract and show me a copy of the base skin textures (including any bump maps, shaders, etc.) I can give you an idea of just how little work is required to make variations of them.