Displaying the wrong hunters


So as of late I noticed if one or more players don’t pick a character and let the bot choose at random, often times during the VS screen it will show one hunter but actually pick another.

For instance, earlier a trapper idled out. It showed he had Griffin in the VS screen. Not long afterward I had Daisy chasing me down Maggie was right behind her.

Happened the other day too. Showed Val. Caught support out of LOS and got an easy strike only for Laz to pick him up.

I’m on PS4 and I have only seen it occur on quickplay. Can’t confirm for ranked.


So is it only me?


Possibly. It might just be exeptionaly rare considering it requires someone to idle out and for someone to notice the discrepency.


At first I thought o saw it wrong but after about 5 times I’m pretty sure it’s not me thinking I saw the wrong hunter.


In order to try and catch it, if you can, try takeing a screenshot on the versus display and later on if you encounter a hunter different than the one shown. Perhaps it only happens with certain hunters.


I’ll try to get a video. That should be pretty definitive proof.


I’ve had this happen on several occasions myself, it only occurs in quickplay, and has something t do with lag outs and bots and such.
It is rare, but with the amount of time I’ve played I’ve seen it a number of times.


it happened to me as well its usually when the a player just dosent pick someone and it displays T1 like old game but since they changed it it picks random


This has also happened to me. On sunday it did. Only in QP. And only whenever some one didnt choose a hunter in the alotted time frame.