Display number of deployed deployables


When playing a character with deployables I find it hard to keep track of how many of my deployables are still in place. I keep switching to the turrets/mines/harpoons/buoys just to check if all three are still up and running. I try to check this while another weapon is reloading but it still takes some time that I think can be avoided.

I feel like it would be good to display the number of currently placed deployables on the abilities circle.
For example like this (bottom right corner):

On a side note: Because that cannot be stressed enough: Somebody else suggested it somewhere else but it would be very helpful if it was easier to determine which hunters on your team are currently cloaked.

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I think for the deployables it’d be nice to have it sort of like a clip- if you have three turrets down, it’s empty. If one is destroyed you get one third of the bar back, etc.

For the cloak, just like an eye symbol next yo a hunter’s name or fade out their section on the wheel in bottom left.


You mean the reload bar? It’s actually needed for displaying the reload status. But maybe you can combine it with the placed deployable count somehow.

But I’m sure TRS will figure out some sweet way to display it. I’ll let them worry about that. My screenshot was just a quick and dirty suggestion made with Paint™.

I think that information has to be right above/next to the hunter’s name because that’s where you would aim your healing beam (that would reveal him if he was cloaked).

Yesterday I didn’t realized I was cloaked by Support, kept shooting and died. So it should also be more clear if I myself am cloaked.


Only for harpoon traps, and I’d prefer this to seeing my poon gun reload personally. O.o


#I vouch for this,

They gave Kraken a display on how many mines he has in reserved on his banshee mines hud.
It would be great if hunter deployables had a display on how many they have on the world.


Yeah I’d support this. I dislike needed to switch to my deployable weapon slot to see how many deployables I have, and in the heat of battle I can’t keep checking my map.


Sounds like a good idea. Good players will keep their deployable’s location and status in mind for the most part, but for usability concerns I think this is a positive change.


Well for all deployables, there are no partial clips, just reloaded or not, which is already displayed by gray/blue color of the icon, so you could preserve that and still use the 1/3 bar per deployed. Perhaps have it go the other way though, the bar gets a third taken away for each deployed. Because when you are completely deployed, you’re not much concerned about reload status, and when one goes down, you’d immediately have a third of the bar to determine reload time.


If you have all 3 deployed and want to re-deploy all of them for a new setup/arena, you would need to be able to see the reload status. Even though there are all 3 deployables on the field the whole time.

A little number like @NegroManus suggested would be perfect.


All deployables are


anytime (just press TAB)


Yes, and we know that, but in the heat of battle opening the minimap and working out what’s going on is counter-productive :slight_smile:


@niaccurshi One man’s opinion


Actually, more than one man’s opinion. I am completely for this suggestion.


Indeed it is, as is yours. I love the propensity for people on this forum to say “That’s your opinion” or a derivative thereof. Yes, you’re right! It’s a discussion forum and people are indeed giving their opinions!

Meanwhile this topic is for those of the opinion that there isn’t a good solution for keeping an active track of what your deployable situation is. You like to use the minimap? Brilliant, I don’t have a problem with that, bully to you. What does it take away from your experience if you’re happy with that if they added a different way to keep a track?

Just my opinion, obviously.


It’s mine too.


I like this. Usually with Maggie, I can hear the harpoons triggering, so i know when to replace. With Bucket and Emet (and maybe Markov to a degree) though, I have a hard time keeping track of when they’ve been destroyed, which means I spend more time continuously putting down new ones instead of using my primary weapon.

I don’t use the mini-map ever unless i’m Griffin b/c i can’t follow myself on it due to no rotation, and i don’t like how it makes other character notifications that i’m used to seeing go away.


Yeah, Maggie is simple to know when you need to redeploy. Emet you rely on the map/team-mates or running around with the buoys ready to throw all the time. Markov is generally alright through sound, but Bucket’s sentries aren’t always shooting so you need to keep checking. Abe also has a tough time knowing when to replenish grenades if the player isn’t yet up to speed with how long they last and/or isn’t any good at keeping a mental note of timings

Griffin has a good audio cue for his sound spikes going down, and I imagine that’s precisely because they’re meant to be out of normal visual/sound range… but if a UI solution couldn’t be found, maybe a similar audio cue could be found for other deployables expiring/breaking?


It’s also my opinion. Don’t have time to analyse the mini-map in combat. ^^


I’d rather them not add this. Same with a ton of other stuff that has been suggested. Not every thing in the game needs to be a counter or a graphic. It is okay having to remember placements…or double check every little while to make sure things are as you want them to be.


Eh, if they add this they add it.
I just don’t need it since I constantly switch between my kit anyways.