Dismissing a single Topic without reading it



as the title says: is it possible to dismiss certain topics in my “latest” list without reading them?

Thanks in advance


I think down below on the right side.There is Dismiss new topics and Dismiss unread topics

Or you go to the topic and from Tracking you make it Regural


I think that dismiss new button gets rid of all the new topics, and it seems like the OP is asking about removing specific ones


Yeah maybe not sure aswell.So just go to that topic and from Tracking it make it Regural.That way you will only be notified if only someone mentions your name


i dont want to enter ps4 or xbox specific topics at all.


On the bottom of each topic you can choose to mute a topic, like this:


Wait you mean if someone makes a new thread about ps4 or xbox you don’t even want it to appear in your list?


Here you go.In Preferances from your profile go down there and find the PS4/XBOX categories and mute them.


I think the problem is that currently we don’t yet have specific categories for consoles, so we can’t ignore them as a group


No. i want to have a button in my “Latest” list, on the side of every topic: dismiss THIS ONE ONLY. or “mark as read” like in other forums.
i dont want to dismiss all topics and i dont want to enter a single topic, sometimes i look a few minutes on the forum and am working through the list. i do not open topics that do not spark my interest. so they stay there until i press “dismiss new” that gets confusing after reading the title 4 times.


I’d say just let all of them unread for some days and then go to New and dismiss all of them together.Because there is no button yet


that would be like when using Outlook and reading your emails, you have to either read all of them at once or mark them all together as read. thats a pity.


New topics only appear as new topics for 2 days be default. If a new topic appears which you ignore for 2 days it will go away by itself. The only other way is to enter the topic, go strait to the bottom and change its tracking to muted.


You could simply enter, then instantly back out. Takes a second or two and gets rid of the new topic.

No other way, I’m afraid.


that is exactly what i did not want to. as i said, it is like opening spam mails in your email client just to mark them as read.

thanks anyway, guys :slight_smile:


If you wanted to you could probably make a topic over on https://meta.discourse.org, it’s the forum/main site for the forum type TRS uses.
They talk a lot more about how to use the forum, and the people who read it are far more likely to actually do something to help you