Dismiss some upgrade and open the hunter's icon


I’m really not recomment to set upgrade in perk.In most shooting game,everyone stars in equality like Overwatch.If we have to upgrade the weapon all ready,why we still have to upgrade the perk at the same time?This is not good thing for the new players.They should not foucus on upgrade the perk instead of thinking about the strategy.If we want more fresh blood stay with this game,we should lower the requirment !

Please give us an option to open the icon above hunter’s head(not about blind mode because this mode does not work all the time on PC until now),it will very helpful in the combat.As a medic,I have right to choose my healing target,but I have to look for the name or the shape of the body to identify the player.For example: The group has bee attached by a skill,everyone’s health drop to the similar level,and I want to heal the support first.What should I do?I have to remember the player’s name or I should familiar with support’s appearance.That is very inconvience!It is very easy to heal the wrong guy!


So “upgrading” the weapon is called a mastery once you max out the weapon and ability upgrades.

This was added because of the different skill levels. For example, a new monster player won’t do a lot of damage so Val’s medgun mastery would overpower that skill difference causing further problems. Better players = better healing.

As for perk upgrading, this is done by winning games or unlocking badges. Also to cover the skill gap.

I’ve never used colorblind mode so I can’t give much info. But upon playing around in the settings it looks like there are 3 options, so you might want to try out all 3 of them.

If those don’t help I’m sure we can put a request in for the Devs, but they are busy working on a major game update and won’t add it immediately.

When I play Val, I heal whoever is being focused by the monster. This keeps them alive and withstanding the attacks. I don’t see a reason on why you should heal support first over a trapper or assault with lower health, for example, but if that’s how you play I can’t change that.