DISK WRITE ERROR with steam download


Now, I played this game at release, was excited for it ever since I saw the first trailer actually! But, with all games of course I got bored after some time (I missed behemoth actually because I just didn’t feel like playing :<

But now I wanna get back into the game, I’m having an issue with steam where I get DISK WRITE ERROR as soon as my download hits 37 GB. I’ve tried reinstalling 3 times, and I’ve tried the “solutions” available on Steam’s support page such as moving the steam installation directory, but I’m getting kinda sick of reinstalling with my crap 900kb/s peak DL so I was wondering if anybody knew of another fix I could try.

And on another note, I recently went to Windows 10, could that be the issue? Installing other games works completely fine though, so I don’t think it is.



I’m just moving this over to the Bug category! hopefully someone there will be able to help



A lot of my steam games messed up when I went to Windows 10… Sadly I haven’t found a solution yet



I don’t play that many steam games but most of them seem to work, eh.
I just reinstalled steam to a new directory, deleted the evolve folder, disc checked… hopefully after the like 16+ hours it takes to download it again it’ll work, but I don’t have too high of hopes right now :U



If you’re getting a Disk Write Error while downloading from steam, this is not an issue with the game itself. Steam has information about this error here: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=9709-FKCB-4230

Sadly, this may be an issue with your hard drive.



Hey, I have the same problem… I also recently upgraded to windows 10, and I get “Disk Write Error”… Since windows 10 is still relatively new… I’m thinking that Evolve doesn’t support windows 10 currently. If you look at the requirements, is says windows 7/8/8.1, not 10. So i don’t think the problem is you. They just have to update the game.



I’m running the game on Windows 10 here without any issues. I’m doing a clean install right now to triple check, but I’m pretty sure the game is installing fine on Windows 10. Mind you, windows 10 is still brand new so it is very possible Steam may have an issue, and it is also entirely possible that there is an issue with the game we haven’t discovered yet.

I was able to successfully do a clean install without encountering the Disk Write Error. This leads me to believe this is either a Steam issue or a Hard Drive issue. Are you encountering Disk Write Errors when installing any other Steam games of similar size? (At least 30 GB of data)



Late late update but after resetting windows 10 and wiping the drive, Evolve installed just fine. :U



Quite late to reply, but this reddit page helped me, and the workaround was really simple.