Dishonored 2: Thoughts from Trailer


I’m sure anyone who’s played Dishonored wants a second one, however I’m not so sure on the path they’ve taken…
The powers looks brilliant, the graphics look upgraded but still maintain the same feel, same with the art style. The level design looks solid aswell.
What I don’t like is what they did with Corvo. What I loved was how you never saw his face, you only saw it in wanted posters around the city, however in this they’ve gave him a voice and distinct face, without the mask. And another thing, Corvo is now apparently Emily’s dad now? Since when? I much prefered the Joel/Ellie kind of relationship from Last of Us, that it’s just Corvo’s duty to protect her.
I loved the first game, and I’m still very excited for the second, but some changes have made me uneasy


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