Disgusting Foods


What is the most disgusting food you’ve ever seen or tried. What’s the most disgusting thing you’ve found in food?


My cousin once found mint gum in her salad. It was pre chewed and the person who took her order was chewing gum.


Olives and mushrooms. I’ll try anything except for olives and mushrooms.


a fingernail in my soft serve ice-cream from KFC. Even better that they offered more ice-cream as compensation…


My wife found a food long hair in her fried chicken from Long John Silver’s. They also offered her a free meal. She has never been back and that location shut down.


I heard a story about a man who found maggots in his McDonalds cheeseburger.



I once ate fried bugs in choclate… It looks terrible, but they’re delicious. 8/10 would eat again.




white castle burgers. i thot i was on an episode of fear factor.


Go on… :no_mouth:


well i was in vegas.

and white castle just opened recently there. im from the west coast so we dont know what they taste like. so we make an adventure there an im pumped because harold and kumar the movie hyped this place like it was the godfather of burgers.

so im hungry as shyt and order the basic one. i got bacon ranch fries which were good. but then i ate the burger and almost puked. my two drunk ass friends thot they were amazing somehow.

I guess you gotta be drunk or high in order to enjoy cuz that was the nastiest thing i have ever tasted.


I have yet to have them…maybe that’s a good thing.


Well let’s get real Harold and Kumar were high


It is white castle is absolutely horrid


exactly. but i assumed they had to be decent to make them heavenly while high. hell you could go to mcdonalds high and have 10x the satisfaction instead of eating that crap lol


Powdered donuts


Don’t look this up, but have you ever heard of or seen Balut?


Duck fetus. Yummy.

I’ve never tried it, but as I have had duck and duck eggs I can’t see it being terrible.


What about Cazu Marzu?