Discussion: What would a "Fair" ban system look like in Evolve?


I personally think that a ban system being implemented into ranked mode would help to alleviate a lot of frustration associated with playing Evolve on both sides of the hunt. Instead of debating whether or not a ban system is necessary or would be helpful if implemented into evolve. I would like to discuss how a fair ban system could be implemented into evolve. At least as fair as the current meta and character roster # reasonably allows.

My take: In order to achieve balance in asymmetrical game. I believe it best that an asymmetrical ban system be put in place to allow both sides the ability to completely deny the other a type of playstyle.

Hunters: 2 bans
20 second voting period (unless it could be implemented into loading screen :stuck_out_tongue:). If general consensus is not met within 20 seconds then a 20 second overtime period is extended to hunters. If general consensus is split down the middle then those two monsters will be chosen as banned. If general consensus is still split 3-4 ways after overtime. Then the game will randomly ban two monsters from the list of those chosen.

3 bans total
2 per class
Picks bans and then waits on hunter voting period momentarily

Reasoning: This gives each side equal opportunities (IMO) to impede the normally map oriented or plan oriented teams that have evolved (pun intended) from the current balance of the game. It will also allow each side to be flexible enough to adapt their selection based on their personal objections to particular characters who tactics they find “cheap”. That is precisely why each side has the ability to ban multiple positions on each side and why the monster can ban 2 per class it let’s the monsters and the hunters to get around the implementation of Variations. Hate MLG goliaths? ban OG and meaty. Hate kraken? Dont worry that’s what both votes are for. Hate Lazarus? well be sure to ban him, his variation, and that pesky unbalanced third character who is currently making the meta lopsided.

How do you believe a “Fair” Ban system would be implemented into Evolve?

What if there was a ban system(i mean hunters and monsters)?
Give us the ability to ban hunters/monsters in Hunt mode

Banning on tournaments is fine but in ranked it may cause a lot of frustration because people want to play with the characters they like and nit have to resort to quickplay and customs.


3 bans, 2 per class.

Let’s say that I’m gonna ban Sunny and Hank, Laz and R. Val, Jack and Griffin, This leads to game where Hunters are forced to play with active medic without shields and defensive trapper, basically ez win for monster.


What was said was 3 bans, 2 per class.
Means you have a total of 3 bans, and a Maximum of 2 per class.
More like Sunny, Hank, and Jack banned. Would be a better example.


Yeah I meant 3 bans total sorry I didn’t clarify…

Yeah six bans is way too many

@Afius I mean to be fair though most players as re good with more than just two characters… and if you don’t have 1 other character in that role that your good with you should probably give that role up


If I was given 6 bans, I’d get rid of all the medics.


Screw that, if I bought characters for $5 a pop I better damn well be able to play them! :wink:


2 bans per class with current ballance is still too many.


One where everyone gets ban, that way everyone is treated equally lol just kidding


Everyone bans Sunny, Jack and Griffin.


There are at least 5 characters per class. Besides the fact that hunters in general should be able to find one character that they can play skillfully out of a selection of 3

It only allows the monster to ban two characters on one player on the team… that is the balance that the monster only has the ability to more heavily restrict one player or spread his bans on a specific meta

Then the ban system would be doing it’s Job and factoring a frustrating meta that a majority of the player base is having issues with

Besides a good hunter team will just go Lazarus, hank/ tech sgt hank, Maggie. And make you eat concentrating your picks on denying the chase/defense comp

That’s fine for quickplay and all. Some of us would like our seasonal leaderless to reflect a modicum of skill and not just name the players who were best at gimping the current meta… especially if we ever got around to some sort of seasonal leaderboards


I still feel, even in a competitive setup, that banning is not needed. The way asymmetrical games go is that if a certain meta ‘team’/monster is becoming the best you can change your team/monster to counter. Then it becomes more of a question on if you want to risk going with team A, that is really well rounded but doesn’t excel at one monster, or pick a monster hard counter but could be weak to others. I feel that any type of banning is more damning in that it fosters less creative team compositions than not.


What if you only have the base 3 tiers? Banning 2 of the 3 characters you own in a class would be incredibly frustrating. It’s not a problem for me, but just a situation I’m interested to hear the result of. :smile:


I was joking around, haha. Not trying to be critical. I think if a banning system was implemented that you have a pretty good way to run it here.


Hunters ban one monster.
Monster can ban two hunters, only one per class.

Basically no more Kraken, no more Sunny, a lot less Jack/Griffin.

I don’t think two bans per class is fair.


That’s great and brilliant in theory but in practice it is unfun to feel like you lost because you simply brought the wrong materials to the table… sorry bro Kraken, your screwed, barring your opponent makes some absolutely boneheaded decisions or you rely on tactics that strip your opponent of a normal range of tactics they themselves can employ (God domes or cheese comps)

Not only that but the history of evolve has shown that each meta tends to shift the which teams are the best. Whether or not it is TRS’ intention and it would be great to have tools that allow both sides to restrict your opponents ability to rely on tactics you finding unsatisfactory… with out having the final say in the way your opponent decides to play


I didn’t think about that particular situation but if it could be coded I assume the game would detect this and if you have 3 characters you could not put a ban on them and if they have 4 then your limited to 1 ban on that person


But that is precisely why it is good. You pick a riskier team/monster in hopes to use that advantage as a strength against a comp that it wouldn’t normally be played against. You could play it safe and pick generic ‘good stuff’ team/monster but then you might lose because they brought in something you didn’t expect. That there makes for GREAT strategy, not less of it. There is actual thought being used. Picking against what you have information on is a horrible practice.


You say no more kraken

What about when kraken adaption comes out?

Or if they ever make a sunny adaption what will you do then?

The ban isn’t so that griffin, jack, sunny, and kraken are picked less because no system should be implemented that directly impedes players ability to pick what the style of play they want. It would be put in place so that both sides have the ability to impede their opponents ability to use tactics they dislike.


That makes sense then. I personally don’t like the whole ban system for ranked, but if we had one then I suppose your suggestion wouldn’t be too bad.


It can be argued it still takes skill to identify and correctly implement the metas.