[Discussion/Thoughts] How to invite Newbie Friends to Evolve?

This is one of the thread which I wanted to make sometime ago but didn’t, for a few reasons, but still, it’s better late than never. This is another thread I like but someone already made it.

https ://talk.turtlerockstudios.com/t/thank-you-and-good-luck-trs/98454 It was a time where so many people were just complaining and complaining, apart from the hackers outbreak yet it was the peak of updates, new coop modes and chars, a lot of effort have been put into the game, kudos.

Early Statement:
-Evolve is a now like a competitive game, if 1 guy mess up, everybody dies. Other games, there are more room for errors. Newbies Cannot play hunt unless you don’t mind losing many times. (newbies will need to know their mistakes but if knowing they are the reason for losing so many times may discourage them really.

1 newbie good friend of mine tried evolve without me. it was a pro monster, wiped his newbie random team mates easily and that was the last he played unless I bug him to play again.

-I know there is a tutorial, a lot of effort have been put into it even Abe’s cool voiceovers ! but frankly, telling our friends, “hey go play tutorial alone” sometimes feel like a spit in the face.
This is for the purpose of solo newbies to Evolve, maybe the word ‘tutorial’ should change to something else, like ‘Intro Mission’, so it doesnt feel like homework.

Point of this thread is-
How do we bring our friends who are newbies ?

-goes back to Co-Op (practical learning)
-Character Progression (exploring)
-Perks (mastering)

Issues with Co-Op
((Don’t get me wrong, Co-Op is really great ! I especially like the Gorgon Nest, please make more ! Too bad the gameplay is short. or Use the idea of Horde enemies. I’m Serious ! This is the great element of fun. Maybe we come back later to this.))

  1. Gameplay seems too repetitive + easy for average to lower skilled players. Veterans don’t bother about co-op at all, they just scrim. It has become just a method of farming.

  2. Monsters Do not commit to a low health hunter. ((i have played enough coop games to give this review with different monsters)) We domed monsters in really tight places/ caves or corners, yet we were able to win, If the monster didn’t switch target so easily. Really, it was an area where Wraith’s blast already cover 1 third of the corner or more.

((3. Monsters hardly outrun hunters. Monsters need better route system + more traversals. They don’t switch directions as randomly as before, but still majority of the game is us chasing them.))

Suggestion on Co-Op:

  1. Horde of enemies is a really brilliant. I know you guys agree, ya’ll made l4d! Please please, enable someday later some hordes of goliath / spiders / or various wild lifes. PVE gameplay hardly has any hard feelings against each other.

2.AI monsters need to be harder ! In so much that newbies are equipped to face human controlled monsters.
Therefore, Buff AI’s health and damage resistance ! :smiley: Let the monster bots target the medic or support interchangeably but has to be a committed and more focused on them.

This is very important ! AI need to be hard so that coop becomes enjoyable, and not a farm. Can we have 3 difficulty settings ? When monsters are hard, how hunters contribute to the team is more appreciated too.
Easy AI monsters won’t build them at all for the real thing.

3.If possible, the highest difficulty: Advantageous areas for the monster in the map be highlighted to the AI’s mapping so they’ll pick routes to pass through these areas. Buff out of dome traversals maybe ? In dome traversals go back to normal.

Real human monsters don’t randomly move around the map, there are certain routes to move, except when just using distance to evolve.
So there can be monster advantage areas, both balanced areas, then hunter advantage areas - but these are all variable to different monsters too :frowning:

It okay, if AI becomes too hard. Newbies need it, so they’ll be molded for Hunt.

It’s okay for AI monsters to have much more health, say a few more bars and/or damage resistance, but more importantly is the ability cooldown, so they’ll keep a high pressure on the hunters. Pro monsters do that, keeping high pressure, no chance to breathe.
really, if players play against higher health monsters in coop, maybe they might have better chances against human controlled monsters. get what i mean ?

4.Can coop have more maps from Legacy? Will it harm ? I’m sure players will want them in hunt and make a big issue for it haha.
+=+ will add more if needed.

Character Unlock Progression
((This is the main reason I brought this thread up, though I hardly believe if this will ever happen.))
Means: How an f2p player gains keys / characters / perks

This is Very important, more important that Co-Op improvements.

Issue: is when F2P start the game.
0 perks (which is a Great disadvantage!)
0 experience
fixed random characters to choose from - whether they like it or not.

We like “identity” - so we like to be able to be identified with the characters. We want to play characters that we like.
This is important because it is a motivation to keep playing. It is a turn off when you play a character you dislike, this is very true !

I played so much to get Val to max because Val was my favourite. I wanted the Elite skin, and this was before the EXP bonuses.

Problem 1: Locked characters. They may or may not excel at the random characters.

Problem 2: They Don’t know which character they would like.
((I know, i know, custom solo play AI allow all characters and perks- this however, is not enough.

People like to play with people. You can’t invite friends but ask them to spend time alone searching which character they’d like to use or get familiar with.))

Problem 3: Even if they find characters they like, lot of games are needed to not only unlock the characters but the perks required to maximize the char’s efficiency.
(Side problem: We know it is better to master at least 1 thing than jack of all trades.Silver economy managing. This means by making the most of their silver keys is to buy specialized perks for that character and not to unlock something else when not mastered, but this limit so much of gameplay. at the same time, You cannot be fully efficient with perks missing, so they are very limited in terms of silver keys managing)


  1. Allow Co-Op to have All characters available for use. ((Free Perks is not needed in coop, optional, up to you. will it bring any harm, why not then ?))
    This way, they can test all characters with others and survey which ones they’d want to buy.

No offence Bearly, although I started off with your perks advise, I find some not the best for me but thanks nonetheless for others. After trying them out in practical games which are really needed, I’m a much better player now, so I don’t see any harm for Coop to have full perks too.

Remember, playing alone against AI is blah even if improved. There are many other great single player games out there, bioshock? Evolve is Not a single player game.

2.After 7(or so) Co-Op games Only, then allow F2P accounts to pick any 4 characters of their choice for free. Each class, 1 free character only. No monsters free.

Once again I’d like to point out, we hunters like to be somehow identified with the characters we choose, or if not, we have a preferred skill based on the characters… OR we simply want to be better at the said characters, to be one who contributes well for the team as that particular character.

I know that Markov and Goliath is free, I don’t have any comments on them.
You might think they would pick the most expensive and lessen the gameplay ? No, I think it would increase the gameplay instead.

Even if they suck, they want to be better. This is important because, not all the time they can play the class they want. So at least they can play a favourite character of that said class.

Even to this day, I’m not good at Griffin, TBH i didn’t really try either. I’m not a trapper main, my elite trapper is Abe. What if someone like me, an F2P, joins Evolve when Griffin is the free character.

The gamestyle of Griffin don’t fit him. It would be a turn off, and a likelihood to turn off the game. We don’t want this to happen. We want to encourage gameplay. We want to encourage them to try to master these characters.

If they pick the wrong ones, too bad. Listen, almost everybody will have a “primary” class. Mine was medic.

Primary class means, their interest and also skill based preferred in it.
I started with medic.
Then I played more medic characters.
Then i went to other classes.

my point is, even if they unlock 1 free character, i’m sure they’d want to try more sooner or later. it’s gradual. i never thought i’d be good with Torvald as today.
I never thought i’d be able to play and be skilled with many characters. It all started with 1, Val.

This will boost more gameplay eventually. I can now play all classes reasonably and am learning more now with monsters.

So, when I invite my newbie friends.
-I bring them to CoOp
-They can test any character they like, after reading all available “Abilities”
-With enough coop games, they can earn to buy perks for characters they like.
-They have unlocked at least ONE, 1 character from each class to keep them going when I’m not around.
-They’d become better equipped for the real hunt. simple things like learning how to cutoff monsters is so important!
-They’d both continue and enjoy this process of mastering in Evolve

This may boost coop too when all characters available, more activity. At the same time, CoOp needs to be hard, so it doesn’t become boring for us bringing others. It shouldn’t be a chore. Let the monster be a way to hone our skills too.

This will become inviting. At this present moment, if I were to invite newbie friends, I expect a lot of grinding and frankly a lot of my friends have other multiplayer games, Overwatch, TF2, L4D2. Why must they come to Evolve, so the welcome to Evolve must be inviting.

I will add/edit more when the time comes. These are just ideas I hope people will be beneficial.
Please discuss your thoughts.

Also, think about if limitations needed like previously level 20 is required for competitive, if these ideas can be abused. regards


Some of the most played games on steam are like that(csgo, dota), if you bring up a friend you can explain the game mechanics to him. Or suggest him to go tutorial, I’d prefer if tutorial was optional. But I didn’t learn anything from it.

Solution: (Make sure they are aware of the incredibly high skill floor before playing) Go into Customs with them, play as Monster, let them win. Ta-Da!

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Make Co-Op mandatory for the first 5 account levels or so. The AI is fine for newbies, and they’re planning on adding new AI difficulties later down the line. There’s already an AI improvement patch coming.

If your friend gave up after losing one match, life is not for him. Simple.

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Game was already made super easy for people to pick up and play. No need to baby it down more.


haha, play as monster, bully friends !? xD but let them win ?

[quote]It’s okay, if AI becomes too hard. Newbies need it, so they’ll be molded for Hunt.

It’s okay for AI monsters to have much more health, say a few more bars and/or damage resistance, but more importantly is the ability cooldown, so they’ll keep a high pressure on the hunters. Pro monsters do that, keeping high pressure, no chance to breathe.[/quote]
to “guys” who think “babying” it down more is what i’m suggesting… lol, guess they didnt read before talking

and for everyone else, this is to encourage invites and encourage more gameplay, to not expect too much grinding . whether you like it or not, there are thousands of players who leave. there are many veterans who stopped playing. i’m not going to name names. so im here talking about how to invite other friends in

5 account levels is more than 7games i think, too much isn’t a good idea. makes it rigid.

and about my friend, its because he has gta v, overwatch and many other games, why would he play something where entire team just died without any chance. we havent even started talking about veterans who stopped the game, this thread isn’t about that.