Discussion on monster losing when the time is up


Just curious but i have always wondered y do hunters get an auto win if time runs out in hunt shouldnt it go to sudden death like time runs out monster has say 4 bars of health and full armor hunters have 5 strikes beetween them u pick where u want the strikes i think it should just go straight to an arena with what ever the monster and hunters status was when the time ran out as in timer runs out sudden death arena match monster has 4 bars of health and full armor same for hunters status just a thought just never quite understood hunters getting the auto win bcuz ive had someone in a round who was a really sneaky support and just kept giving me the slip and won the round on the clock its frustrating sometimes and b4 anyone begins to say maybe u should be a better monster player i dont want to hear it this meatly me giving an opinion and idea i would prefer constructive critisizm not bashing ill even take gameplay tips

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Because the relay exists as a way of forcing the hunters to fight. If it ended in a draw the monster could just run off to a corner of the map that favours him and if the hunters wanted to win they’d have to chase him risking him doubling back and destroying the relay or get stomped by the stage 3 in an area that favours him.


what im saying is if timer runs out then it should go to an arena fight nuetral area and neutral ground random location and everyone status stays the same example being like i said b4 monster has say 4 bars of health and 1/2 armor thats what he gets in the arena and watever stage he is even if its stage 1 same goes to hunters however many strikes they have thats wat they have in the arena i only feel this way bcuz its a hunt hunters are suppose to kill the monster so it cant do anymore damage time runs monster still alive actually sounds mre like a loss to me but if they are at a stailmate then sudden death arena


Evacuation provides the general ethos for why a monster loses after a set amount of time, it’s how long before remaining colonists can get away, or help the hunters, or secure some resources.

Ultimately it’s another of those ready gameplay decisions to ensure everyone does what they are suppose to, I don’t see any reason to mess with what happens at the end of the game time.


I understand that and not picking on anyone but it would seem as though no one is actually readung what i post just skimming threw and nit picking at it so im going to try to explain it one more time shorter though ok the monde im talking about is Hunt Mode ok 1 more time for those who might need to hear it again Hunt Mode its all in the word hunters objective hunt down the monster and kill it b4 it can do any more damage time runs out they win yaaaaay but that monster lives to fuck them up another day dont sound like a win to me its like saying im goin to hunt down that bear that keeps breaking into my garage but i didnt catch him cuz he got away but i didnt die so i guess im the winner lol and he loses so there last time im goin to try to make my point Hunt Mode timer runs out monster shouldnt lose should go to a sudden death dome with watever status everyplayer has at the end of the timer


The top tip I’ll give anyone is to not get hung up on words. The game mode may be called hunt, but the swing of the mechanics means that as soon as the monster is stage 3 it stops becoming hunt, and it starts becoming a form of defense.

All in all, the purpose of hunting the monster IS defense of the planet. If the hunters stop the monster from progressing fast enough, they’ve defended the colony. If they hunt and kill the monster, they’ve defended the colony. If they don’t stop the monster from reaching stage 3 but stop it destroying the relay in time they have defended the colony.

The monster should lose if they don’t manage to win the game in the time provided, that’s the way the mode is set up.

Practically I disagree completely with the notion of moving to sudden death/arena at the end of the timer for pretty obvious reasons, but that’s not a subject for this thread. So, if you want to continue with this suggestion, could you please make a new topic about it?


No offense but it would help if we could read what you said.

That’s one, long, run un sentence with misspellings and bad grammar.


Fine here is my opinion. I think that in hunt mode when the time runs out it shouldn’t be an auto win for the hunters. They are supposed to stop the monster from doing more damage to the facility.

If the monster is still alive when the timer runs he can just come back another time. So actually the hunters failed to stop the monster because they have proven that they will simply come back more toxic than ever.

Thats why i suggest maybe that it go to a sudden death fight. Force a winner. None of that bullshit where the monster just hides until the time runs out or support and laz just give the monster the slip til the timer runs out. I watched guys do that today on my brother in laws xbox today at barracks.

There broke down clear as i’m going to get. Now you can give some constructive opinions.


Thank you. :slight_smile:
Now, I can agree with you that running out of time is a terrible way to win, or lose, depending on what side you’re on. As to whether or not an arena mode to finish it off as a way to go, I am unsure of.

It could very well give certain comps or monster an advantage. As you may have noticed the usual comps run in arena are damage focused while hunt tends to see more defensive measures. I personally don’t know what could be done to help in that end but I would really hate to see either side try to abuse it.

I’m wondering if the support cloak change might be enough to stop people from trying to abuse the time as it is now.


Sure here’s mine on your rant.

They aren’t security guards for a building. They are protecting colonists.

If the monster can’t take the tech out in time, the colonists escape. Meaning hunters did what they needed to do. Ergo, they win.

That’s why if hunters die its an auto monster win, the monster can then take out the relay w/o the hunters to stop him.

In that same manner if the monster dies, then it can’t take out the relay, meaning the colonists escape. Its not a death match. That’s what arena is for.


I disagree as well. Monster in Hunt has 20 minutes to get to stage 3 and kill relay or kill all hunters which is more than enough time seeing that monsters can (doesn’t mean you will) get to stage 3 in less than 3 minutes. Timer pauses if either team engages or if monster hits the relay after 18 minute mark. I have had games over 35 minutes. Plenty of time for the monster to win, if the hunter team splits and runs after losing medic or support, monster can just hit the relay and when they go to shoot him off, monster players should be able to chase them down very easily, even with cloak should only be one set of tracks or find them jet-packing. Stagger if drop-ship is near to coming in. Timer will be paused, go back to relay again. Monsters that run for 18 minutes and haven’t evolved to stage 3 or are fighting and running away for armour every 20 seconds at stage 3 so they don’t get domed with less than half armour should be punished as monsters are at the advantage by then especially when the hunter team should have strikes and be easier to down.


It’s not like there is a reason story wise for each game mechanic in the game, the timer is just a game mechanic, the developers simply choose that if the timer runs out the monster loses, it’s not because the hunters have to save the colonists or stuff like that, it’s a game mechanic. I think that it makes absolute sense that the monster loses if he’s at stage 3 and doesn’t attack the generator (which is his objective at that point). However if the monster is stage 1 or 2 and he wants to fight the hunters but they are camping the generator because they know that the monster doesn’t have a high chance of winning there, then if the timer runs out it’s the hunter team that should lose imo. There are some premade teams that just camp the generator from start to finish and that’s not fair. Or sometimes they just trap you once at stage 1 trying to remove a health bar or two from you when you can’t really fight, and then when you escape and reach stage 2 they go to the generator and camp, waiting for you with 0 strikes in a open place where they will be highly advantaged during the last fight. That’s cheating.


So… if the hunters are camping the generator and giving the monster every opportunity to get to stage 3 super fast (shouldn’t take more than 3 minutes max) the hunters should lose for the monster taking too long? Not sure I understand the logic.

And yes it’s just a game mechanic choice, but it’s also backed up by the “story” from Evacuation mode.

Edit: I’ve split this topic out as it was really OT on the other thread.


Stage 3 makes you an easy target and forces you to fight at the generator where the hunters are advatanged. At stage 2 you can choose where to fight, like for example inside a cave.
Keep in mind that the monster is not forced to reach stage 3.

Can you post a link where a developer confirms that the monster loses when the timer runs out because the hunters have saved the colonists?


No, because as you know a dev hasn’t confirmed it, and nor have I said they have. I’m saying that the lore of hunt timers existing can be found in the evacuation mode where every hunt map has a backstory whereby stopping or killing the monster before the time runs out results in colonists being able to provide extra support for the hunters in the next stage

This was never intended to be the situation, and they seem to be clearing this up in the next Title Update, so it’s a little bit too situational as a reason for arguing that the timer running out shouldn’t be a monster loss. The devs are doing the right thing, giving the monster every opportunity to win if they get to stage 3, not altering fundemental mechanics like the game timer because of a sub-optimal experience that they could resolve seperately.



The campaign mode doesn’t have anything to do with the multiplayer, there are no colonists to save in Hunt, there is just the generator that the hunters have to defend when the monster is stage 3. Of course we can speculate all we want about the story in evacuation but that doesn’t have anything to do with certain game mechanics in multiplayer.

Yes i noticed, and i’m really happy about that, stage 3 is supposed to be scary for the hunters, and up until now it’s never been.




lol yours isn’t?


It is, you’re just coming off as aggressive because people such as myself would suggest that there is an actual reason for the timer having a reason, that is in place in the game in Evactuation mode. I’m not saying that it’s legit the reason, never have… but it does exist as a reason, so it’s as good an explanation as any as to why the monster would lose when the time is up. Much better than in other games where there are these timer mechanics and no evidence of any reasoning beyond that, at least this game seems to have had the forethought to put some lore reasoning to it :wink:

You don’t agree that it’s “the reason”, that’s cool. But…

… isn’t relevant, you have absolutely no idea that the story in evacuation doesn’t also explain the game mechanics in vanilla hunt mode. So let’s not pretend that your assertions mean any more than my attempts to provide a reason as to why the timer may be perfectly in line with the in-game universe. :slight_smile:


so you admit it’s just your opinion?
in my opinion there isn’t any story wise reason for the timer thing in multiplayer.

you can speculate all you want but you can’t really confirm anything sry