Discussion of Possible Implications of F2P AAA Title


I’m going to make this completely simple. I’m going to warn everyone now, i’m excited and will not be using spoiler tags on my curse words.

Evolve is going F2P Beta on PC. They currently hope/plan to go even farther than that and have the update reach the current-gen consoles.

In line of keeping it simple, there are millions of possible ways this could go. I will outline the Best and Worst case scenarios from my point of view, and keep in mind they are obviously my opinion.

A) Best Case: Evolve completely revolutionizes the AAA gaming industry. How? If they succeed, and everything goes more than amazingly, their player base will rise. If it rises and they gain an extremely large amount of players and then they have the resources to port it to console, and then the consoles turn into an extremely large amount of players, what will logically happen next?

Lemme phrase this very clearly. World of Warcraft was the first MMO, and due to massive player support and an addictive gaming style, has dominated MMORPG as a gaming genre for years. Imagine the headline: Evolve does for AAA game titles what World of Warcraft did for MMO titles.

B) Worst Case: Evolve Stage 2 absolutely fails, loses more money than they can generate, and everyone continues to say “Evolve was bad, and will always be bad” despite what I personally know will be the best efforts from the Devs as well as the Community.

There are… countless other possible Cases that could happen. I leave you to formulate your opinions. I know which one of the two I posted that I want to happen.

I don’t want anyone thinking that I’m guaranteeing one of these two things will happen. There is a lot of other things that could and probably will happen instead. But if I had to vote for one of the two, i’m choosing A.


Tha pretty much sums it up. In the end the games quality and the devs actions will dicide the outcome of such an interesting move.
I myself am both confident in the devs and the game.
If it dosen’t truly revitalize the game, it will still ensure that evolve will for a long time have a larger player base on pc for as long as the servers are upheld.


In my opinion the game failed in two things:

1- The content release and the pricing of the DLC.
Considering that you have to pay a full game price, most of the potential buyers though that it was excessive and expensive not to include everything but cosmetic. Even so, the prices of every DLC items were excessive.

-Now with the F2P model, the pricing changes, though the DLC are likely to be expensive, it’s different because new players don’t need to pay for the “full game” anymore. This might work.

2- The “run after the monster” simulator.
To be able to play without just “running blindly after the monster” you need to learn how to play it. Without a proper story mode to teach people how to do this in controlled and scripted environments, this was hard for the majority of the players. TRS can’t control the user experience once he goes online, and most of the players didn’t learn and they stopped playing.

Even when you see footprints or break trees, sometimes you don’t know in which direction the monster went.

Suggestions like “Let the hunters find a footprint or a broken tree and allow them to press action button in there, to examine it and find in which direction the monster was walking” never got the chance to be implemented.
-Now the new trapper “give me where he is” ability might change that. It’s still not a “hunt” as in the movies, but this change will help new players. This might work.

–> Going F2P and the new abilities solve most of the problems Evolve originally had, so this might work really well.
Hope so.
But this is not the first AAA to go F2P, I don’t think Evolve is going to change the industry of anything,


I don’t think this will revolustionise anything as such unless games companies are interested in supporting multiplayer only AAA games for more than one cycle. TRS are fairly unique here in that they’re saying that rather than abandon Evolve and work on Evolve 2 (see Titanfall for the typical game dev cycle on this), that they’ve stuck with it and they’re wanting to make it as a game work.

I don’t feel games companies are going to go down this path as a default ever, because the most profitable route for AAA games will always be massive early sales followed by massive holiday sales and then a recycling of the engine and core assets in to a sequel for the repetition of said sale figures.

I have a lot of respect for TRS for keeping with this game and for 2K for giving TRS the time and space they needed to make this happen.


They don’t currently have a monetization plan for the new game update. All the Hunters and Monsters are free so long as you get the in-game currency, which there is no current way to buy, only to earn.

Will there likely be a way to buy the in-game currency? yes.

Not only that, but that means all content is free within the game. Behemoth, Gorgon, all the Hunters of T4 and T5. If they make a new adaptation for any of that, Founders gain it immediately. Non-Founders will have to earn it.

If they make a T6 and higher, then we’ll be able to earn it. No more DLC prices. only microtransactions.

Unlockable items include but are not limited to: Monster Skins, Hunter Skins, Weapon Skins, Hunters, Monsters, Adaptations.

Buyable items currently include: nothing. Will change, guaranteed.