Discussing the patch notes from Macman


What does everyone think?

I am going to link this one to you guys, so you don’t have to go back. I was pondering copying it, but I don’t want to annoy Macman. :stuck_out_tongue:

Closed Poll: Who Would Win
Mines Vs. Toxic Grenades

@Sorrowgate This was going to be directed at you on the other post, but I don’t want to get off topic.

Arc Mine
Damage reduced by 20%
Fixed a bug where damage extended past the trigger radius.
Health reduced by 75% (they pop real easy now with flame breath, etc.)
Arm time increased by one second.

Goodbye Markov, I don’t think anyone will play you anymore. You have nothing special to offer in battle anymore, that the other Assault doesn’t have. Less dmg on Arc mine, they’re destroyed by a leaf falling from a tree, and they arm even slower now. I say Hyde might be the most viable now, Parnell too (maybe…). Hyde’s grenades are getting buffed, so he should be better.


Mines getting nerfed wasn’t too surprising, I think they slapped on too many though. Would of like to see a 10% damage increase on the Assault Rifle to compensate.

Maggies Harpoon Trap nerf was surprising, I never heard any complaints about them.

Hyde got some needed buffs, step in the right direction.

Not sure if Val’s buffs will help her peel off when focused, so far it still looks like she still relies on Hank to survive.


I like Val’s changes, they look pretty promising. Not really a buff, since they nerfed her 2 times, and buffed her once, but they look decent all the same.

Maggie’s nerf, I really dislike. I saw no reason whatsoever to nerf her, she’s already weaker than Abe, so why was this even thought about, let alone implemented?

I’m happy to see Hyde get some buffs, those grenades did more harm than good. They had no damage on them, and slowed your team to hell.

Making Toxic Grenade a more effective area of denial weapon while also making it less spammy. Buffing Hyde’s overall damage output.

Toxic Grenade
DPS increased by 50%
Now explodes in proximity to a monster (works vs airborne Kraken now)
Throw rate reduced
Toxic cloud lifetime reduced by 15%
Accuracy increased by 12%
Damage increased by 20%

His Minigun was buffed, so it looks better as well.


I like them. I think they show a lot of promise, but I feel like some of them are a it harsh- especially the ones to Markov, Maggie, Wraith, and Cabot. Granted, I never play them, but still…It feels like a bit too much, really.

I am very pleased with the buffs to Bucket, Val, Griffin and Hyde, however. These are all my favorite characters, so yeah. I’m going to be in heaven once the patch releases.

Speaking of which, is there an ETA on it?

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I’m not sure, but I just got CTD in the middle of an Evac session, so I lost all my bonus for the past several games. ~sighs~

I didn’t see Macman say anything about it, so who knows? Honest question, who knows?! :wink:


Markov at this point doesn’t need any more nerfs, he’s the most balanced and least problematic of all the Assaults, it’s just that the other two were lacking in some areas.


Agreed about the mines, I feel the other assaults needed more of a boost then Markov needed a nerf. Hyde looks to be in a much better position now. Parnell rockets still need more oomph.

I love the boosts to Griffin, will really help him control the map and flow of the game.

Cabot nerfs are a bit much but a nerf was needed. I know what they say about the numbers but I feel that most assaults aren’t doing a good job and the rail canon picks up the slack. Also the shooting through walls allows more shots on target.


Parnell’s Rockets seem to do quite a decent amount of damage, way more compared to the Assault Rifle and definitely more than the horrible Minigun.

I just find there velocity to be a bit slow, bumping it up a bit would be enough for it.


How can assault do a good job across the whole friggin dome against a monster that most of the time will not fight or specifically catapults teamembers away to achieve both distance from the assault and singling out his target.

Playing the normal cabot feels like playing a real assault so often that my mind already gives me trouble even writing cabot instead of assault.

Assaults play like a running/jetpack simulator. Cabot plays like a round dishing machine dealing dps constantly. In my book they should just get the show over with and remove cloak and add shield :smiley:

Edit: I was so often bummed, that you couldn’t just take another cabot with you. Dual Cabot would be so nice man one can even amp the other.

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I have to agree, Cabot seems better at assault than assault did, it’s sad, but true. The assaults can’t keep up, and now it’s going to be even worse for Markov who got his damage out of mines.


It is pretty hard to get a high level monster to step into any mines. Maybe mines will actually deal MORE damage if they make them deal 50%.

Because as it is there is no way to lure me into mines. Sometimes I oversee one, or miscalculate, but dont count on that.

If they dealt less burst damage I might be compelled to take one or two as a tradeoff


Mines are going to be laughed at now. Markov in general is going to be funny, his only advantage was mines, and now the mines break from anything, deal less damage, and take longer to arm.


Mines already broke from anything. I am not even sure what they are saying there is no ability I know of that didn’t deal enough damage to clear mines.

Decoy/Warp Blast/Abduction all cleared them free of damage
Kraken(played last in alpha so might be incorrect) Vortex, Autoattacks from the air

So how exactly that even changed anything I don’t know. A mine never survived anything of those.

In high level play I never see a monster disrespect mines. They will not go into them so they were already the laughing stock so to speak, but they served their purpose. If you had nothing availible to clear them, then if your targets manages to get into the field he is secure until any of those clearing abilities is off cd.


Yeah, his mines were fine. They caused the monster to stop, take time to clear them, and go back into the fight without the cooldown you just used. With less damage, what’s the point? He may as well not even use them, and turn around using his shock rifle.


They help when holding high ground, unless it’s the Kraken who laughs evilly.


Yeah they went big on the nerfs but I think the numbers will even out as they test it more. I was actually one of the Goliaths that was pissed that my flamebreath never worked on those damn mines so I might be a little biased on that one, that and Atleast now I can justify picking my fav assault (Hyde) over Markov. The only nerf numbers I don’t see getting lower would be Cabot’s cause from Brandon and Macman’s posts it looks like he might even get a bigger nerf cause apparently even with 30% less damage and 25% more reload time he still matches assault’s damage which is pretty crazy if you think about it.


Flamebreath always 1 shots them for me.


I could never get the angle right, that was just me though im not saying its a problem with the game just one of my weaknesses haha

I don’t really see why people are over reacting to the changes though. These aren’t going to be the only balancing changes ever, if they see they over did it then they’ll buff whoever they overnerfed in the next balance patch.


I actually like this I feel like monsters will recklessly charge into them now that they think the payoff is worth it. They still do alot of damage.