Discussing Evolve sequel (characters, platforms)


Keep the characters please (hunters & monsters).

For the hunters, if the hunters will be different (which I hope won’t), do NOT make the reason like “Umm the original hunters were killed by the monsters, so new hunters takes place instead!” or any other stupid reason like that! Currently the game is still on beta, and the evacuation campaign has not yet returned. TRS, PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ change the hunters ending, I don’t even need to explain why. Heck, Angry Joe, a guy which I often watch, said what nearly every player would be saying about the ending. (18:30-19:49)

For the monsters, they can be different ONLY if it takes place on a different planet. Or better yet, keep them somehow even if it takes place on a different planet hehe.

Overall, I really HATE when companies change the characters on sequels, spin-offs, etc. There are BARELY any FPS games that has the same protagonists from the previous installments like Brothers in Arms, Halo aaand I can’t think of anything else. Even these 2 said games has the same characters ONLY on sequels but were different on spin-offs

I know not all are going to agree, but PC-only.
Because even TRS showed, or at least somewhat showed that they wished if Evolve was a PC-only game with titles like “PC Monster Race” (which is obviously a parody of PC Master Race), and Stage 2 coming to PC without consoles (at least as of now), and most console players would have already lost interest in Evolve because of Stage 2 coming to PC only.
Another reason for being PC-only is that it has been a LONG time since PC had an AAA-quality game with good graphics and PC controls. I don’t really remember any AAA games that benefited from being PC-only other than Half-Life 2 and Crysis, and that was from 2004-2007 (they did have console ports later, but they suffered from downgraded graphics, bad controls because these games were aimed for PCs)

Discussing Evolve sequel part 2 (Price, Campaign, Environments, Horror)

The ending will probably be reworked, don’t worry about that.

PS: this video is quite old, so I don’t think it’s worth making a comparison with it.


Very good then :slight_smile:


I haven’t said that it will obviously be changed, I said that it’ll probably be changed.


Well, hopefully then.



I’m fine with the Ending
It’s like Halo Reach, where you don’t go on the pillar of autumn and instead stay on the ground.


I want a Cig9 game for Val, b4 she made to Shear


Won’t mind that, Val = Waifu xD

  1. A sequel is a long way away. Stage 2 was essentially a sequel to Evolve and it appears to be doing great; there’s not really a need to mention sequels at this time.

  2. I’m just going to stop you and tell you that you’re objectively wrong about the “PC-Only” idea.


Well, when I heard that TRS are currently working on a NON-Evolve game I was happy because a sequel on current-gen consoles well be pretty bad in my opinion. If an Evolve sequel is not PC-only, then at least wish if it’s on next-gen consoles.


I just made part 2 in case anyone is still reading this:


Just wondering why you didn’t continue in this thread.


It was too much to add, and most people who had read it probably won’t notice or care that I edited it that much.