Discovered a Secret Character?


Hey guys, made a forum account to share images of a secret character I found.

So I was joining my first match of the day and instantly spawned into the spectator cam because I assume the character I was assigned (Medic) had died and all the other characters were player-controlled. Okay, weird but whatever. I was fine waiting the minute till I spawned.

Nothing seemed out of the ordinary until the respawn cinematic aboard the dropship.

I was in the position where the medic would be but had a strange skin I’ve never seen before that was reminiscent of something from Wolfenstein of Fallout with red markings. Maybe it could’ve been a DLC skin I’ve never seen before but that caught me off guard. I decided to put the game into “Take a Break” so I could see the character from third person.

When I landed that’s when I noticed the bot was using a mini gun, shotgun, and shield and since I was under the impression I was the medic, I had no recollection of a medic player with a shotgun and minigun and now looking back I can’t think of any character with that weapon combo.

Here’s some screenshots I took:

Any ideas?


It’s a bug, that’s the ebonstar soldier.


Well that’s neat. I’m sure there are already forum posts about this now already


Yes there are several^^