Discourse Is Getting Some More Upgrades!

Correct the topic if it’s wrong but a couple upgrades have been installed lately and it’s the settings wheel.

Just like they added the easy poll maker this has:

  • Hide Details
  • Blur Spoiler
  • Build Poll

Now you don’t have to go all code psycho!

Something else I noticed are “Tags” while searching categories there is another tab where you can add “xb1, ps4 and pc” probably used for easier game findings is my guess. You can also put these tags in there while making a topic

Hey @Shunty With all these upgrades maybe we will finally get a “Forum Suggestions” topic :stuck_out_tongue:


You mean like this ;P?


Yep! I have something else opened in snip so I couldn’t use it. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Are you talking about a separate Category?
If you want to make suggestions about Forums changes, I’d suggest going here: https://meta.discourse.org/

Since TRS didn’t develop Discourse, there’s only so much they can adjust/change/add. Those guys at that site can make the real changes if they deem them worthy.


With these upgrades, we never stood a chance.


Get your BO3 semi-quotes out of here!


Holy banana brains batman, this makes my life so much easier.

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Discourse? What is that?

I don’t know the exact term, but it’s basically the host for the Forums. Discourse is what makes the Forums look like this and gives it all of its specific features.

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Forum hosting software. People pay to get the discourse features, then the owners can customise the looks, topics, rules, plugins and such.

I’m guessing this is a business forum, which means that TRS are paying them 200 a month. Though we are the biggest discourse forum out there.

More info here: https://www.discourse.org/faq/